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An Inspector Calls Essay

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An Inspector Calls Essay Discuss how Priestly uses character and structure in this play 'An Inspector Calls' to reveal the historical and social disparity between the classes in 1912 Britain . J.B.Priestley's play, first performed in 1946, but set in the spring of 1012 in the household of an upper-middle class family in the north of England . The plot of this dramatic play is based around the Blirling family's involvement in a young girl's suicide . The Birling consists of the two parents, Arthur and Sybil Birling and their two children Eric and Sheila . Gerald Croft is soon to become a member of the family as he has recently announced his engagement to Sheila . "An Inspector Calls" is a well-made play that attacks the social mores of his time; it contains all the ingredients of a well-made play, this is because it is captivating, and it holds the attention of the audience. It achieves this by the use of climaxes, the slow unravelling of the plot and the use of the detective-whodunit style. Despite this Priestly is concerned with the darker side of Capitalism. ...read more.


instantaneously opposing the views of Mr Birling, this seems to bring up questions of the inspectors background and who he is, as even the local constabulary have never heard of him. But "An Inspector Calls" is more than just a well-made play, it is a play that attack the social mores of the time. In the time of Priestley people only seemed to look after themselves, their time and attention was not spent on the community, but on themselves. There was hardly any communal spirit or common wealth "But the way that some of these cranks talk and write now, you'd think everybody has to look after everybody else as if we're all together like bees in a hive, community and all that nonsense", 'socialist' values must be a fool . Although Mr. Birling shows relatively little guilt for Eva's death, I do not feel that he is entirely responsible as at the end of the play he does in fact feel very guilty when the inspector gives his last speech . He says "Look inspector I'd give though sands-yes though sands..." indicating that he did begin to accept some of the blame . ...read more.


They are set so far away from the community that they did not even realise that Eva Smith had died, let alone how the helped to kill her, they find this out only when the Inspector brings it to their attention. In the inspectors final speech, he tries to show how both the First World War, and the Second, which had just ended when Priestley wrote the play, were the result of attitudes and behaviour such as those of powerful and wealthy families like the Birlings. Priestley's choice of surname for Eva has obvious connotations: Smith is the most common name in England and Wales, and so is ideal to represent the typical working class British citizen. What Priestley was saying was that even the rich and upper class have a duty to the average lower class Briton. The fact remains that Inspector Goole is a compelling and interesting character from start to finish, and even beyond, leaving the audience guessing about the Inspector's real identity and purpose. His main accomplishment, however, is warning the Birlings and the audience that envy and greed would, and possibly will, ultimately lead to a breakdown of society. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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