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An inspector calls essay

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In this essay I have been asked to find out " how priestly uses language and dramatic techniques to create tension and suspense in act one of An inspector calls " and I may use information from act 2 and 3 to support my evidence. Even before the play starts in the stage directions they're putting on a front because it says that they're celebrating a special occasion but they are arguing throughout the play, at the start of the play tension begins to build when Sheila uses " mock aggressiveness" towards Gerald. A little further down the page Sheila uses a manor that is " half serious, half playful ". Another example of tension also on page through is at the bottom of the page where Sheila cuts into Eric's sentence and then Mrs B cuts over Sheila then changes the subject. ...read more.


When the inspector says the girls name is Eva Smith, Birling gets tense and talks "slowly" when he responds to the name the inspector creates more tension when he takes the picture out of his pocket towards all of the other characters apart from Birling because only Birling gets to see the photo. On page 18 Birling cuts over Sheila and this is like he is trying to keep in control and is a bit tense because she might say something he doesn't want the inspector to know. Tension and suspense hits all of the characters in the room on page 21. When the inspector pulls out another photo but only shows it to Sheila and then the tension builds up when they all see her reaction when she sees the photo, the audience is curious and they also want to see the photo. ...read more.


Right at the end of act one when the inspector slowly comes into the room and has a short pause, then just says "well?" and the curtain comes down giving an extreme effect on the audience as it is at a key point of the play and it makes them want to know what happens next but has to wait until the next scene to find out what happens and what the inspector knows about Gerald and Eva Smith or if he knows Daisy Renton. In this essay I have given examples of tension and suspense that J B Priestly has created in the play An inspector calls by using pauses in perfect places and just at the right time, uses of cut ins across other peoples sentences and secrecy of important information like the photo's that everybody wanted to see. ...read more.

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