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An Inspector Calls Essay - Compare 2 characters from the play and show how Priestley wants us to react to them

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An Inspector Calls Essay: Compare 2 characters from the play and show how Priestley wants us to react to them An inspector calls is a play written by J. Priestly based on a pre world war 1 family. The play starts with a relaxed dinner celebrating Mr. Birling's daughter's engagement to a young man named Gerald Croft. As the evening progresses ,it becomes more and more obvious that the evening isn't as normal as it seems but is infact a battle of conflicts and interests. The play also takes a strange turn of events when a rather gloomy looking character arrives ,namely Inspector Goole , who is investigating the death of a certain Eva Smith who was fired by Mr Birling to begin with because she wanted to have a slightly larger salary . In the play Priestley gives the audience an array of different types of characters all whom represent and can be taken into consideration as examples of types of human beings whom we find ourselves surrounded with each day . ...read more.


Mr Birling is one of the most ignorant characters portrayed in the play whom firstly fails into setting order in his own family, the fact that neither himself nor his wife know about their son Eric drinking problem , and secondly he makes assumptions such as " the Germans don't want war" and remarks like "the Titanic , unsinkable absolutely unsinkable" which to a post war audience would seem ironic and arrogant. The most contradictory and ignorant comment he makes is "I've learnt in the good hard school of experience that a man has to mind his own business and look after his own" this is because as we find out he doesn't care much about his business, he let Eva Smith die, but also de doesn't mind his own , his son Eric has a drinking problem and has stolen some money from him which he has not even the slightest idea about. When the Inspector is introduces into the play Mr. ...read more.


Throughout the course of the play thou we see radical change in her attitude, this is somewhat due to the amazing link Priestly seems to be trying to pass to the audience between her and the Inspector, at one point she know that he knows and that he will eventually get everything out in he light "oh don't try to fight it", and by the end of her talk with the inspector she says "I think it was a mean thing to do, perhaps that spoiled everything for her", Priestley uses this character to show that people can change and some of them often do, he wants the audience to show sympathy for this character and appreciate the fact that most of us would do the same things she has done if we where put in her situation. Priestley also uses her character to help the image of the inspector, she helps the audience understand that he knows all and can prove all. The play is ended with everyone returning to their usual routine and no one except perhaps Sheila and Eric have actually learned something from all the shamble. By Alex Apetrei 11 H ...read more.

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