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An Inspector Calls, Eva Smith Original Writing Piece

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An Inspector Calls, Eva Smith Original Writing Piece My name is Eva Smith, I'm 28 years old, in under a year I will be dead. No one knows me nor does any body care for me. My life is a tangled mess of lies, deceit and unfaithfulness. The rain came down as hard as ice picks, turning the fresh, clean snow of the morning, into the meaningless slush that had become my life. As I walked down the streets the passers by stared at me like I was part of a traveling freak show, I would amuse their lives for a brief moment in time the just as quickly I made them turn their heads in disgrace. I trundled through the snow until I reached my inadequate dwelling, 7 blocks north of the river. As I entered, I felt as I was greeted by Satan himself, his radiant heat was warming me to the bone and boiling the fluids in my body. I sat in the old broken chair in the corner of the room facing the window. I opened the curtains so I could see the wonderful view of the shimmering sign of the Gentlemen's club. The club was for men only, I heard that the women would dance and take their clothes off for money, those poor girls forced to strip for old horney men. ...read more.


I couldn't do anything he overpowered my. A young man came over interrupting Joe. He gave him some cock and bull story about there being a message for him at the bar. His name was Gerald. He was a fine looking man; he looked wealthy and well presented. He told me to come with him if I didn't want this sort of life anymore. In an instance I agreed and we ran out of the Palace Hall in a hurry. Gerald took me to some fancy restaurant, which was closed to the public but he knew the manager, so we were let in. He asked if I could have some food, anything would do. We began talking about life, marriage and absolutely everything else. The manager came out with a plate of scraps. That night we got absolutely plastered. Gerald took me back to my place, which was a fair old walk carrying me. He had to undress me and put me in bed. When I awoke the next morning I felt as if a ray of sunshine had lifted my sprits, as if the world was my oyster, as if I could do anything. I walked over to the basin and washed my hands and face, and brushed my teeth. ...read more.


Birling who fired me from my first real job, simply misunderstood my situation and dismissed it, as well as disgracing me. An arrogant and social superior woman she was, continuously blaming the father of the child. Eventually, I was alone, anxious and desperate. Loneliness and unhappiness are major areas of my life. Each consecutive misery caused me to feel more pain and grater financial hardship. I was living a forlorn live, needing an execution. My child cannot face such a malicious and cruel world as of the likes that I have experienced. I think I have out stayed my welcome in this heartless humanity and it is time to leave everything behind. In each situation I was innocent and was made a victim of lack of moral feelings each person acquired. I hope after I have left this awful universe, the wall between social classes will crumble, as well as moralistic values being taught to each and every person. I hope each person involved in my pain can realize and learn from the suffering I went through. I cannot express hatred towards them, as I do not despise any of them. From my experiences and actions, I hope you do not condemn me but take time to understand the life I went through, just to live a 'normal' existence. But now, my time has reached the end but serious values should be learnt in order to survive in this bizarre and wicked world. ...read more.

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