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An Inspector Calls - fiction story. Solcialist and capitalist veiws - comparison.

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It was the day after the night before, when Mr. Jack .T. Anderson and Mr. Alex .P. Harris decided that they were going to campaign for county M.P. They both knew there could only be one winner, they had thought about it long and hard and knew that as soon as they put their names in the election box at the council meeting, that was it. Morning came and both were up and ready to start campaigning. Jack lived on the north side of Hertfordshire and Alex lived on the South. There were other campaigners dotted about but none were as valued and important in Hertfordshire as Jack and Alex. They were planning to use very different methods of gaining votes. Jack Anderson came from a background where he was taught to treat everyone equally, share, and help his friends, family and community. Mr. Harris, however was not . He was brought up to believe it was every man for himself, and that the only way to get anywhere in life was to make your own money and keep it. There were some people in the neighbourhood who shared the same views as Jack, and some who shared the same views as Alex, And they knew they had a fight on their hands if they wanted to win. ...read more.


With thirteen days left until election day, Jack was feeling confident that he could get his new adverts out in the county and show people that he could make a difference. He wanted to let people know that Harris was tricking them into voting but how could he do it without people thinking he was trying to sabotage the other campaigns out of jealousy. He decided to leave it and concentrate on his own campaign as that was what was important to him. Alex's "followers" were still believing his lies and dragging others into the mix by telling them about the great deals Mr. Harris was doing for them. This, obviously, was winning Alex more and more votes. **** With only six days left until election day, both were working flat out trying to get as many more votes they could. But there was still the fact that Alex was getting false votes, niggling at the back of Jack's mind. But he had to forget about it. He had a lot to do over the next six days and getting sidetracked was not part of his schedule. It had reached the weekend and Alex thought he deserved a well earned break. ...read more.


You are therefore disqualified from this election. You are free to leave." Alex walked out of the room encased in an uncomfortable silence from the crowd. The trusting people who had been tricked by him stared at him in annoyance. He looked at the door ahead of him uneasily. When he reached it he looked back at the people and wondered who had given them the tape. He look at the man who had appeared with him on the recording who simply shook his head to say that he hadn't betrayed his trust. Alex turned back to the door and left the room. The door slowly shut behind him. The crown started muttering and the noise got louder and the chatting and discussing of what had just happed grew. Then the official voice came over the microphone. " Despite the events that have just occurred we still need a M.P. And the position will go to the runner up of the count, and that person is Jack Anderson." The people in the hall clapped and cheered as they knew that their new M.P would be the best candidate for the job. They knew he deserved the position as he had won almost as many votes but he had won them fairly. A modern interpretation of : AN INSPECTOR CALLS. Francheska Cook English Due date: 17/7/07 Miss Jones ...read more.

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