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An inspector calls' has been called a play of social criticism. What is being criticised? Comment on the way in which Priestley makes use of Dramatic technique to achieve the plays effect. 'The Inspector calls' is a play of drama

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GCSE English Literature-'An Inspector Calls' 'An inspector calls' has been called a play of social criticism. What is being criticised? Comment on the way in which Priestley makes use of Dramatic technique to achieve the plays effect. 'The Inspector calls' is a play of drama, love, truth and lies, but also a play of social criticism. Priestley uses dramatic technique, to achieve the plays effect whilst making a valid point about social inequality. In this play Priestley is criticising the way some members of society behave. He presents this by showing at the start of the play the family are an ordinary middle class family and then the inspector enters and the whole image is broken down and they become the criminal family that they would look down upon. The image of the middle class family is built up at the beginning of the play so that Priestley can break it down so dramatically as the play progresses. This is very much built up by Mr.Birling. He is very arrogant and prejudiced against the lower classes and is a pushy man. He looks down on other people and thinks too much of himself. ...read more.


This use of dramatic technique in the play makes Sheila look weak for what she has done, although it was her in the higher position in the situation of Eva being fired. Priestley shows in this play that the higher classes feel much more powerful than the lower classes just because they have more money and better jobs. They feel that they can look down on the lower classes and this is another aspect of Priestley's social criticism of the higher classes. The higher classes feel hey have more power over the lower classes. An example of this in the play is when Gerald makes Eva/Daisy his mistress because she has no place to stay, and he has the money and rich friends with apartments in town. He installs her there mainly on pity at first but then Priestley shows that Gerald realises that because he is of higher class than Eva/Daisy he can have her as his mistress because it is his friends apartments that she is staying in. Also when the inspector is questioning Mrs. Birling about when Eva went to her committee for help for help; she remarks to the inspector: 'She was claiming elaborate fine feelings and scruples that were simply absurd in a girl of her position.' ...read more.


Priestley makes use of dramatic technique to make the inspector not like any other police inspector but more like someone who is questioning them about morals. He also creates an air of mystery surrounding the inspector and Sheila picks up on this "I don't understand about you". This shows that Priestley creates a dramatic atmosphere by not letting the inspector reveal much about himself. Priestley uses the telephone in a way that brings good and bad news to the people in the family. It brings joy and dread while making a statement that they use the telephone to escape their problems. Gerald says: 'By ringing the Infirmary' which suggests that he thinks that it will solve their problems and that if he proves the story wrong then he will gain back Mr. Birling's trust so that he can marry Sheila. Priestley makes use of dramatic technique here to achieve the effect of the telephone being the source to the outside world. J.B. Priestley is criticising social inequality in his play 'An Inspector calls'. He uses dramatic technique as well to create the plays effect, and to emphasise the characters. Priestley's chief point is to make the reader see that we are all in the community together and that we should help others as much as we can. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alice Holland 10S English 24/09/03 ...read more.

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