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"An Inspector Calls" Has Been Called a Play of Social Criticism. What is Being Criticized?

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An Inspector Calls "An Inspector Calls" Has Been Called a Play of Social Criticism. What is Being Criticized? Comment on the way in which Priestly uses dramatic technique to achieve the Plays effect. During the course of the play Priestly conveys many criticisms, mostly towards the way that the Birling family and their guest react to what the Inspector tells them. One of the first criticisms that Priestly makes is that some people are so stubborn that even if something bad is inevitable they will still not change their ideas. Early on in the play Mr. Birling makes several bold comments for example he says " there isn't a chance of war," and " In 1940...there'll be peace and prosperity everywhere. Whereas we know that these are ridiculous statements because we know there was the first world war and by 1940 the world was well into the second world war. Hindsight makes Mr. Birling's pompous speeches sound shortsighted. Another criticism in the play is how people take advantage of their position in society to mistreat other people. ...read more.


So the Inspector is right he is offering money at the wrong time. Mr. & Mrs. Birling refuse to learn lessons from their mistakes in the past. This is an important criticism and one of the key themes in the play. At the end of the play after speculation the Birling family realize that the Inspector who visited them was a fraud. At this point Mr. & Mrs. Birling celebrate because they think they are innocent but Sheila & Eric look past this. They see that even if they were not all the same girl and even if a girl had not died they had still all done nasty things to a girl. It does not matter whether they were the same. Their parents though believe they are being stupid because they are feeling worried over something that, to them, never happened. It is irrelevant whether they confessed or not because the person they confessed to was not real. If they do not admit to doing something wrong they will never learn and continue doing bad things like they did before. ...read more.


Birling's pompous speech as if summoned by it. This is also shown later in the play when he leaves and gives a speech exactly opposite to the one Mr. Birling gave earlier. The suspicions of the audience are seen when it is revealed that the Inspector was not real but the real suspense of the play is left to the real end. At the very end of the play the Birling Family receive a phone call saying that a girl has committed suicide and an Inspector is coming round to their house to ask them some questions. They were home free and then they are hit with the fact that it did really happen. This is a further backing up that the Inspector is not even human. The Inspectors name is another word for a ghost, ghoul. This last bit of the play is the ultimate cliffhanger because you want to know what happens. Although you do sort of know because the questioning will probably be very similar to the play. This gives the feeling that the events could keep replaying themselves until they learn a lesson. 08/05/07 Tom Brown 10D ...read more.

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