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'An Inspector Calls' has been described as a 'wellmade' play. Discuss this description of the play indicating how far you agree with it.

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'An Inspector Calls' has been described as a 'well made' play. Discuss this description of the play indicating how far you agree with it. A 'well made' play is a play that observes the three unities. The three unities are as follows: Unity of Time, Unity of Action and Unity of place. The play 'An Inspector Calls' uses unity of time because the amount of time that passes in the play is actually how long it takes to perform in real time. It uses unity of action by sticking to one main plot. The plot is all about what the Birling family and Gerald have done to Eva Smith. It also uses unity of place as almost everything happens in the same place, which is the Birling's dining room. The play 'An Inspector Calls' was written in 1945, which was just at the end of the Second World War. The play is set in 1912, just before the First World War. The play was set at this particular time so that J.B. Priestley could get his message across more clearly. The message was that we all have to take responsibility for our actions, which can have consequences. ...read more.


The audience concludes, like Sheila and Eric that they are all equally responsible for the death of Eva Smith. We see that Mr. and Mrs. Birling are trying to force the accusations on to their own children, where as they feel; the death was caused by everyone in their family including Gerald. Eric says, "I did what I did. And mother did what she did. And the rest of you did what you did to her. The money is not the important thing. It's what happened to the girl and what we all did to her that matters. And I still feel the same about it, and that's why I don't feel like sitting down and having a nice cosy talk." Another reason the play can be described as a "well made" play is because each act ends with a cliffhanger that keeps the audience interest alive. In act one, it ends with Sheila telling Gerald that the inspector knows of his involvement with Eva smith, known as Daisy Renton to Gerald. This leaves the audience animated and itching for what the inspector will say next. In act two, the audience again is left with a question to be answered. ...read more.


The characters in 'An Inspector Calls' can also represent vices: Eric could be described as evil and lust. This is because he commits a rape, steals money from his father and is also a heavy drinker. Mr. Birling can be a symbol of greed and ignorance. Nearly everything he says in the play is wrong. He also symbolises greed when he sacks Eva Smith over a dispute on money. Sheila could stand for jealousy this is because she make the manager sack Eva Smith just because she thought that Eva was better looking than herself. Mrs. Birling could be a sign of pride, this is because she goes on boasting about who she is and the inspector can not do anything to her that will make her feel guilty about the death of Eva Smith. Gerald can represent dishonesty, this is because he lies all the way in the beginning; finally when he does tell the truth he ends up with Sheila breaking of the marriage, saying she needs time to think it over. Which tells us dishonesty leads to a punishment. In conclusion, I think I have shown various reasons why 'An Inspector Calls' is a 'well made' play. I agree that it is a 'well made' play because of all the devices and techniques used by J.B. Priestley to interest and engage the audience. ...read more.

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