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An Inspector Calls - How a key scene (Act 1 from the start of Birling: but this is the point ... to the inspector: ... was Eva Smith.) from the play might be staged.

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Assignment 2 How a key scene (Act 1 from the start of Birling: but this is the point ... to the inspector: ...- was Eva Smith.) from the play might be staged And explaining the role of a chosen character (Birling) in the part of the play. As the curtains are drawn, the audience should immediately be able to see that the house belongs to a prosperous family. The furniture in the room would show this. It should be large, solid furniture of the time, as Priestley described it, substantial and comfortable looking however not welcoming and homelike. It should be more like a show room, a chance for the family to show their wealth with many ornaments and precious antiques on display. The dining table should be in the centre of the stage so to dominate the room, as this is where the characters will be. The table should also be at an angle so as the characters are seated their back would not face the audience. I imagine the seating plan to be as follows; Birling would at the head of the table, Gerald would be on his right and Eric would be on his left. Before the inspector enters the room, the lighting should convey a warm and intimate atmosphere in the room, as it is a special family occasion, Priestley suggests pink light. ...read more.


To show his over confidence and pompousness on stage, while he is saying his speech he must be standing up with his head held high to show authority and importance. The way he sees the engagement of his daughter Sheila to Gerald Croft as an opportunity to unite the families and in business so they are "no longer competing but working together," shows us his main concerns and his way of thinking. This is shocking, especially to a modern audience, which is what makes Birling's character interesting to study. The arrogant and immoral personality of Birling also shows us Priestley's views of that social class of the time and of capitalism in general. Birling's disrespect for the lower class is demonstrated in this scene, as he does not give Edna the chance to give him the message (about the arrival of the inspector) without him constantly interrupting her for example, "Edna: ...an inspector's called. Birling: ... What kind of inspector?" he did not let Edna give him al the information at once he had interfere to keep her in her place and show his supremacy. Birling beginning his sentence almost before she has finished saying her last words would show this on stage. In a previous scene of the play Priestley has used hindsight to show the audience that Birling's confidence is meaningless and his views are incorrect. ...read more.


He is proving that people should not think that they can live life not caring about other people around them and always doing what they wish to do, as the tables will someday turn and all the thoughtless actions that the person has committed will come back to haunt them. Birling is also a character in the play for contrast, and to create variation keeping the play interesting. For example, him and Sheila (by the end of the play) become two completely opposite characters in every way. Also, showing how different people react to the same situation in a completely different way, it also proves that some people of that class were not all like Birling. Furthermore, it was not just the women as Eric reacts similarly, but in contrast to Sheila there is Mrs. Birling. As we can see Priestly has chosen to represent the younger generation as more humane, sensitive and open minded, he could have done this to try and show the audience that the future should not be like the past and we should all try to change our faults. Everyone makes mistakes, but you must learn from them. He could also be using them to represent all the new ideas being explored by the people in the time when Priestly wrote the play for example everyone is equal and should be treated equally not by class, but based on basic human rights. ...read more.

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