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'An Inspector Calls' - how does Priestly resent the character of Goole? If he is not a real policeman, why has he come to visit the Birlings? What are the results oh his visit?

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Name: Shaun Williams 'An Inspector Calls' Question: how does Priestly resent the character of Goole? If he is not a real policeman, why has he come to visit the Birlings? What are the results oh his visit? J.B. Priestly wrote the play in 1945, however the play is actually set in 1912. From this gap between 1912 -1945 some major historical events had taken place, for example: in 1906 the suffrage movement became active. In 1908 old age pensions were introduced, 1912 the Titanic sunk, in 1909 the first class channel flight had been successful. Also 1914-1918 the First World War took place. 1939-1945 the Second World War had also took place. And also in 1920 the first university degrees were opened to women. Time is an important consideration in the play because it was written in 1945 but set in 1912 in this gap of time historical changes had taken place so when J.B Priestly had written the play in the year of 1945 (the year that world war two ended.) he could not be sure what it exactly was like in 1912, because of all the historical changes that had taken place in that time gap (1912-1945). Also in 1912 there were class divides, working class (such as Eva), middle class and upper class. Working class was for poor people, middle class was for people who weren't poor but weren't rich and upper class was for wealthy people (such as the Birlings and the Crofts). Goole is introduce into the play during the Birlings celebration a young girl has committed suicide and he slowly reveals how each member of the family have helped contribute towards her suicide. When each member of the Birling family find out that they contributed to the death of Eva Smith, they react in very different ways and learn different things from the experience. In this essay I am going to talk about the effects that the inspector's visit has on the other characters. ...read more.


At that moment she seems to tower over them just like the Inspector did. She goes on to say that "it doesn't make any real difference 'if he was a real Inspector or not'" because in her opinion he had addressed what he was trying to say to them and the bad that they had brought into Eva's short life. The main reason for her change in attitude is that she has an open mind and is willing to listen to what people have to say. She admits "I behaved badly too. I know I did. I'm ashamed of it". This shows that she is sorry for the wrong that she has done in the past and tries to make her parents think the same but they refuse to do this, Sheila cooperates fully with the inspector on the fact if he is an inspector or not. It's also clear that she wants to change for the better because she keeps saying "You're pretending everything's just as it was before". Sheila benefit's from the inspectors visit because she now acts more openly and tells her family her points of view and that they were all in the wrong, it was like Sheila was feeling the hurt that Eva was feeling. Mrs. Birling is more is even more cold hearted than her husband, she has a position on the charity organization, She has the seat on the charity council this is not because she wants to help the poor but it is because she wants to feel Higher than the lower classes, she wants to feel like she has power over the lower classes so she does this by working on the charity board. She has the seat on the charity council but he just ignores her irony as he did with Mr. Birling. Mrs. Birling feels she has the power to remove the inspector from her house when he says something that she disagrees with. ...read more.


it, this Goole character might be acting in the best interests of Eva he might be a close friend or relation who cares for her and don't want to see her get any more hurt than she already is. Goole wants us to think open mindedly about his character, in some ways he makes us think he isn't a real inspector and in others he tries to influence us into believing him, this is what got the information out of the Birlings by doing this confused them about what he was, this way once one person started talking then they all started but obviously some were sharp with the inspector. Eva and Eric at the end of the play seem sympathy for Eva Gerald is stuck in the middle by being caring and ignorant (he is neither ignorant or caring he is in the middle of everything) Mr & Mrs Birling are two cold hearted people who only care about what they can make for themselves, they low down at lower class people as if they don't exist. So overall the inspectors visit has changed Sheila's and Eric's attitudes he has shown them what they have caused and they are now sorry and sympathetic, they are willing to change for the better as for Mr and Mrs Birling we can only say that the only thing that they have learnt is to be quiet in the future when inspectors ask them questions they learnt nothing from the inspectors visit whatsoever , Gerald is stuck in the middle of everything he neither feels sympathetic or argumentative he's a person who has strong views but also strong feelings. So overall this makes us feel that the Birlings household have been a very sad family from the start, they need to open up to each other and share their feelings, they need to get things off their mind if anything is bothering them by doing this Eric would not have had to turn to alcohol for answers. ...read more.

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