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An Inspector Calls- Imagine you are the director of the play. How would you present it and why?

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An Inspector Calls- Imagine you are the director of the play. How would you present it and why? 'An Inspector Calls' by J. B. Priestly is about a middle class family, and their attitude to society. In this essay I will decide how I would present the play if I were to direct 'An Inspector Calls'. I will examine the types of scenery, lighting, and different sound effects which would create dramatic tension and other theatrical techniques. At the beginning of Act 1, the scene in where the family are celebrating their daughters' betrothal to Gerald Croft, I have chosen to place the family around their large, wooden dining table. This would be positioned in the centre of the stage. Mr. Arthur Birling would be seated at one end of the table, and Mrs. Sybil Birling would be positioned at the other end. I have chosen to do this in order to reflect Priestly's portrayal of them as the most powerful and most influential members of the household. I also feel that it will convey to the audience their lack of affection for each other, because the large table surface between them shows the passion free relationship in which they are entwined. ...read more.


This would show her elegance, and the fact that she likes the good life. Mr Birling would do exactly the opposite- he would light another cigar, pour another glass of port, and settle down in a large, wooden armchair. Gerald and Sheila would sit down next to each other. Gerald would have his arm rested on Sheila's shoulder. She would cuddle close to him, representing that she wants him forever. Gerald would light up a cigarette, and offer them around. Eric would lean on the grand piano, looking a bit out of place and slightly bored. He would fiddle too, with any of the ornaments close by to the piano. He would reach over to take a cigarette off Gerald, and leaves the packet on top of the piano. At this point, soft music of the time would be played just above hearing in the background. This would represent the calmness and restfulness at this stage. You would also be able to see Edna in a far corner of the stage, dusting tables and shelves. The family would stay like this; just talking, and enjoying themselves. But once the family starts discussing the war, the mood changes. ...read more.


I think that this will help the audience to get a better perspective of the inspector, and also differentiate him from the rest of the characters. I want him to look modern because it would make him appear as if he has stepped back in time, to teach the family a lesson. It would make him seem wiser and, in a way, make it seem as if he was going back to make a mockery out of the Birlings. For the actual set of the play, I would have the dining room at the centre of the stage, at the very back. To the left of this I would have the main entrance, and the hallway that the inspector walks through to reach the drawing room. The drawing room would be downstage, and would consist of a grand piano, armchairs, cushioned chairs, tables, a fireplace and a gramophone on a stand in the corner. At the very front of the stage there would be a gutter, with old metal bins and wooden crates lying around. At the end the family would end up leaving their warm house, and sat on the crates. Their clothes would be torn at this stage, and they would be covered in dirt. ?? ?? ?? ?? Claire Pilkington 10D ...read more.

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