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An inspector calls - Scene 1 Stage Directions

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Glenroy annikie 11 cla English course work An inspector calls. "An inspector calls" was set in 1912. The style of the play is a combination of a detective thriller and a morality play. The opening scene in "An inspector calls" has a great impact on the overall opinion of the Birlings. The role of Mr Birling is also important, as the head of the family he is a key character within the play. The Staging of the opening scene is imperative as the initial setting helps to show the superiority and self importance of the Birling family. The opening scene creates an impression of the Birling family that is not as it seems. The Birlings are celebrating a special occasion and are pleased with themselves. The scenery and costume within the opening scene would display the obvious wealth, luxury and happiness of the birlings. The opening scene would be in the dinning room showing the Birlings relaxing after a meal. ...read more.


People were not considered to be of an equal status and did not have automatic rights. Most of the population were lower class. Middle class people like the Birings were very wealthy and upper-class people were the equivalent to today's British royalty. Men were given all the powers in society and owned everything. Women had no powers and were not taken seriously. Mr Birling is a proud man that likes to show off his social standing. Public opinion and his reputation are very important to him. "As an alderman and lord mayor two years ago" his presence would dominate the stage. He would sit at the head of the table complaining about the greed of the lower classes and "giving the younger men a little good advice". Mr birling would be the central character in the opening scene. He is a man that likes the sound of his own voice. He would make slurping noises as he sips his port. ...read more.


Mrs Birlings costume would be of a more mature style and of deep red velvet. Her dress would have no lace or frills and her persona would show a refined lady with a touch of superiority. The Birlings are very pleased with themselves. They are celebrating their daughter's engagement and drinking port. Even Mrs Birling has taken a drink after Shelia had stated that she "must drink" to there health. Everyone is in a jolly mood as Gerald eagerly proclaimed that the dinner was "absolutely first class". The conversation around the dinning table should be light hearted, houmouruos and playful, this engages the audience and show that the Birlings are happy and content. The play would open with Soft, romantic classical music in the background. This would change to a faster, stronger tone with the arrival of the inspector. Violins and symbols would add a shaper tone to the music and help create an atmosphere of suspense. The contrast in the music would etherise the contrasts that are soon to be revealed. ...read more.

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