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An Inspector Calls - Synopsis.

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An Inspector Calls - Synopsis Cast Mr. Birling Mrs. Birling Sheila Birling Eric Birling Inspector Goole Gerald Croft Synopsis It's a comfortable night in springtime and the Birling Family and Mr.Croft are celebrating the engagement on their daughter Sheila to Mr.Croft. Its all going so well the whole family are wallowing in their self pride. There is a knock an the door, an inspector calls. As the inspector starts to break down the party, we start to understand more to the story. The inspector tells the group that there has recently been a suicide; by a girl name Eva Smith. He explains to the group how together it was of their doings that forced this girl to commit suicide. Mr Birling, a prosperous manufacturer employed Eva Smith at his factory. ...read more.


Eric Birling is a drunk and he insists on going home with Daisy, and slept with her on a few occasions resulting in her pregnancy. But, Eva refuses to marry Eric because she knows that he does not love her. Eric does try to other his financial support by giving her money which was stolen from his Father's factory. Although, Gerald and Eric both had a sexual relationship with Daisy, I believe that Gerald actually had genuine feelings for Daisy rather than a drunken sexual relationship. I believe this pregnancy is one of the main factors of her suicide because if she were to have this baby she would have to give up her job as a prostitute, therefore becoming homeless, with a child to look after, rather than just herself. ...read more.


This is where Mr and Mrs Birling start to realise that this was all just a set up and the whole group had been fooled. They start to discharge the responsibility that they had taken in for Eva/Daisy's suicide. Only Eric and Sheila realise that this makes no difference, what they did was wrong and they can't just pretend it never happened. When all Mr and Mrs Birling were worried about was a public scandal and ruined reputations. Mr.Birling checks with the Morgue to make sure that this was all true, and the undertaker confirmed it. Here's the twist: Just as the Birling's returned to their smug little world of superiority, the phone rings and the person on the other line says "A young lady has just been bought into the morgue after drinking a substantial amount of bleach. An Inspector is on his way over to ask some questions." Lee Chapman 10Dw Mr.Mar ...read more.

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