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An Inspector Calls. The author, JB Priestly, uses the character of Sheila to convey his theme of social responsibility.

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An Inspector Calls The famous play "An Inspector Calls" was written by JB Priestly in 1945, but is set in 1912. The author, JB Priestly, uses the character of Sheila to convey his theme of social responsibility. The play is about a wealthy, rich family called The Birlings. They are celebrating the proposal of their daughter, Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft who are going to be married. During the celebration of the proposal a mischief Inspector Google occurs and turns the celebration into a disaster with his clever questioning of The Birlings which leads to a murder. At the beginning of the play Sheila is celebrating her engagement party to Gerald Croft who is also at the same level of standards of living. Her personality is that she is distracted by any new or good looking items and that she is not paying attention to who wants to talk to her as she has just seen the ring that she is going to be receiving: "I just want to say this" says Mr Birling. "Stage Directions (nothing that Sheila is still admiring her ring)" "Are you listening Sheila?" says Mr Birling. From this it is clear, Sheila couldn't care to listen to any news or gossip. ...read more.


Here she is taking responsibility for the death of Eva Smith and would be like what she is because of her not seeing anyone dead or being part of someone in the family who has died. Another quotation showing that she is feeling miserable and responsible: "We all started like that - so confident, so pleased with ourselves until he began asking us questions." This is Sheila warning the family not to answer any of The Inspectors questions for it will make them feel guilty and as garbage. In Mr Birlings interview his actions in the death of Eva Smith was that he fired her due to her starting the strike so the workers could receive higher wages. His reactions are completely different to Sheila's because Mr Birling thinks that it was Eva's fault for just going on strike not earning money for a living. So the interview of Mr Birling's is compared to Sheila's and which one is right? The Inspectors final speech reveals the writer's speech of the play. The terms of the theme and Priestley's point of view are both the same, for when The Inspector is about to leave he gives a lecture to the family of the overall incident of Eva Smith by The Inspector's statement: "Well Eva Smith's gone. ...read more.


They think that their actions of being rich and wealthy and using it to harm someone who is poor. The ways that this section relates to The Inspectors speech, are by him interrogating the younger members to make them scared and for them to take care in what they do in the future as adults. Sheila, at the end of the play changes completely from the beginning of the play right to the end of it. She has changed because she partly caused a women called Eva Smith her death and by her taking responsibility for her actions. At the end of the play, The Inspector has left, and the parents still don't have a clue about the dead women. Sheila successfully conveys the theme of social responsibility by the writer JB Priestley's actions of the family and what they did and said made Sheila's character responsible for her actions but does not with the family which gives more favour for Sheila. The play "An Inspector Calls" to me is a very absorbing play for it develops into a very satisfied way. Which tells the audience what the characters done in Eva Smiths life - to damage it and then the way the Inspector Goole is gone and is told to be a fake which might not be true which leaves the family at a still. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ashley Buchanan ...read more.

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