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An Inspector Calls the Plot.

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AN INSPECTOR CALLS THE PLOT. The plot of "an inspector calls" involves the Birling family who are an upper middle class family of the 20th centaury. It involves a girl who is sucked form a job by Mr. Birling for organising a strike, who is later sucked from a job by Mr. Birling's daughter Sheila because she was jealous of the girl's beauty. The same girl changes her name from Eva Smith to Daisy Renton after she has an affair with Sheila's fianc� Gerald Croft, all summer. After Gerald dumps her, she has an affair with Eric Birling, Mr. Birling's son, and she becomes pregnant. But she wouldn't get any more money from him after knowing that he stole it. So she decided to ask for help at one of the Charity Organisations where Mrs. Birling turns her down, because she first introduces herself as Mrs. Birling and this initially put Mrs. Birling off of help her. An inspector Goole comes, who so happens to know everything about all these people, when they are having an engagement party for Sheila and Gerald. He informs them that a girl has committed suicide and gets them all to confess of their contact with the girl. After he has left they discovered that he wasn't a real inspector and that no girl has committed suicide. Just as they are trying to forget about Eva Smith and the Inspector Goole, they receive a phone call informing them of a girl who has committed suicide and that an inspector was calling at their house to investigate the case. ...read more.


Because of her vulnerability Gerald and Eric use her, even though she knew that Gerald wouldn't marry her because they are of two very different classes she still goes out with him. Sheila, a typical rich daughter, destined never to work, to be looked after by her father, then her husband to be, is introduced as a silly flirtatious rich daughter. She is not really a bad person, but because she is used to always having her way, she gets Eva sucked, for she sees her smiling when she tries on a dress that everyone had told her would look silly on her. She uses her money power to have her way. When she hears of Eva's death, she is sympathetic, and thinks how lucky she is. "Oh how horrible! Was it an accident," sorry it's just that I can't help thinking about this girl." She feels really bad. When she hears that her dad sucked Eva because she organised a strike in order to get a raise, she is compassionate and says " but these girls aren't cheap labour, they're people." Sheila takes full responsibility for her own action, " it was my own fault," she says to the inspector. She is also the first person in the play to understand what the inspector is trying to make them understand about themselves, that they should be responsible for their actions because there actions affect other people, so she is also trying to make her parents understand the same, " you mustn't try to build some kind of wall between us and the girl. ...read more.


Birling. " I know l would have done the same thing." He spends the first half of the play supporting and flattering his father in law to be (Mr. Birling). When Mrs Birling says his affair with Daisy was disgusting, he says," it wasn't disgusting" because he is not ashamed of what his done and at that time it was more acceptable for men to have affairs than women. He has put himself in the same camp as Mr. Birling (those who don't learn anything and want to forget about it when they find out that no girl is dead) and he says to Sheila, "what about this ring," expecting that she'll take him back, after everything she has learnt he expects that she'll just forget about it, but because Sheila is remorseful, she doesn't. Maybe if he was remorseful as well she might have taken the ring back. THE INSPECTOR The inspector acts as conscience of the characters and the audience. He knows everything about all the characters and ignores and transcends all social hierarchies. He isn't a real inspector and his investigating a murder that hasn't happened yet. He is the voice of Eva and all other homeless people of 1912,1946 and 2002. He is also the voice of the playwright JB Priestly. He is the element of mystery in the play as he is a voice from the future. The aspects of his character means that he goes beyond a realistic character and is the moral messenger. ...read more.

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