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"An Inspector Calls" thoughts of Sheila Birling and Arthur Burling.

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"An Inspector Calls" Coursework Sheila Birling I am so glad that I have time to think now. I cannot get over all that has happened tonight. First the inspector arriving and telling us about the death of "Eva Smith" and finding out that all the people I cared about played their own part in the death, no matter how small their part was the outcome of it was greater then what they had expected, this all too much for me! Gerald, the man that I care for, the man that I love, to find out that he was having an affair with Eva Smith devastates me. It is not that he was having an affair with her, but it's that he lied to me and he was telling me "I was awfully busy at the works all that time". I cannot believe that I fell for all of that, he was telling me. If Gerald and I are ever going to get married, our relationship has to base on trust. One of the biggest things is that I can never do is exonerate my mother, the way that she acted throughout the whole night, she tried to act like that she was perfect and she was not intimidated by the Inspectors arrival. ...read more.


This disappoints me a lot because I thought this night could change my parent but I was wrong they will always remain the same. The only two people who have realised this are Eric and I. My mother and father still see themselves as superior throughout the society. My father wouldn't even accept that he was partly responsible for this, he had to try and stick his part of the blame on Eric and then he had the audacity to say "You don't seem to care about anything. But I care. I was almost certain for a knighthood in the next honours list". He's still the same person always thinking about himself first and his company and in particular what other people think about him and not caring what his own family think of him. Arthur Birling Who does that man who started questioning us think he is. Does not he know who I am? He came into our home and ruined my daughter's special occasion. If I ever see him, again I will make sure that he never lives to see another day. All this has ruined my best chance of making a deal with "Crofts" limited and mostly if anyone find out about this it has defiantly ruined my chances of a knighthood. ...read more.


I thought I could trust my own family, but now I know what they are all like. My daughter Sheila, my only daughter who I loved and raised went against me, her own father. The Inspector trying to make me feel culpable about this whole situation by saying "You started it. She wanted twenty-five shillings a week instead of twenty-two and six pence. You made her pay a heavy price for that. And now she'll make you pay a heavier price still". This is too much for me, if this gets into the papers I'll damn that inspector, this sort of news will ruin me and definitely ruin my chances of getting that long deserved knighthood. I am going to have to phone the "Croft" family tomorrow to clear all this up, I just hope that they will understand what has happened tonight and that that "Gerald" is still happy to marry my daughter, and I cannot not even call her my daughter after all that has happened tonight. Daughters are meant to respect their parents, obey them not matter what the situation is and mostly serve them and respect them to their every wish and need. Where did I go wrong with raising them? Ricky Patel ...read more.

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