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An Inspector Calls was written in the 1940's and was set in 1912

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An Inspector Calls was written in the 1940's and was set in 1912. It is about a wealthy family who don't realise their wrongs until an Inspector Calls. He appears to tell them that their actions do have consequences. It is a morality play which is about what's right and what's wrong. However, at first the genre seems to be a murder mystery but takes a totally different direction. Dramatic devices are used throughout the play; an example of this is the fact that Birling is convinced there will be no World War, when in fact war broke out a few years after the play was set. The audience knows this, this is dramatic irony. ...read more.


The dramatic irony of it all is that the Titanic sank that very year. The Birlings can be compared to the Titanic as you can clearly see that they are gradually sinking as the play progresses. At the start of the play an intimate pink is used to show the tranquillity of the play. This symbolises the simplicity of things and how things seem. However, as soon as the doorbell rings the attention is diverted. The lighting quickly changes and things don't seem so calm anymore. This results in a change of atmosphere, and the intensity of things is highlighted. Priestley wants to put the audience in the Birlings position, so they too can learn a few lessons. ...read more.


E.g. When Sheila says to Gerald '...except all of last summer, when you never came near me' This is followed up when it is revealed Gerald was spending time with Daisy Renton, who's true identity is Eva Smith. This gives the audience a power over the play as they already know what's going to happen. The audience then wonders about Gerald's involvement, this also keeps the audience interested as it draws them to the edge of their seat, while they anticipate what's going to happen. One worded replies are also used to great advantage as is shows how the characters feel, and how shocked/inquisitive they appear to be. The final lines of act 1 are dramatic as it plays things out slowly, and more focus is put onto the characters dialogue. The lines draw the audience in and keep the attention on the characters. ...read more.

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