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'An Inspector Calls' - What happens next?

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'An Inspector Calls' - What happens next? Arthur Birling lowered the telephone slowly and looked, panic-stricken, at the others, 'That was a police inspector. A girl has just died- on her way to the Infirmary- after swallowing some disinfectant. And one of their inspectors is on there way here- to ask some- questions.' Mrs Birling immediately spluttered but just could not find the words to convey her initial thoughts to the extremely unexpected news. Birling slowly strolled back to his large old chair at the head of the table and poured a drink of port from the decanter. He took a large, deep breath and brushed his hand through his thin, grey hair, all the while looking eminently worried, with thoughts rushing directly through his head. A discreet knock on the dining room door was heard. 'What?' Birling sharply blasted out, in a very aggressive tone, not even peering round to see who it was. Edna politely walked in and wondered what she had done wrong, much to the anger of Birling, who felt in the middle of a painful crisis. ...read more.


I was not going to fall into his trap, and I didn't.' 'Come on darling, stop thinking about the past. The inspector will be here any second and we will have to go where he takes us. Really, what hope do any of us have?' Birling felt very down and expressed his true thoughts, staring around the table and glancing at each individual.' Gerald spoke for the first time since the telephone call, tring to impress Birling even greater than he already had: 'Mr Birling, with the respect that everyone has towards you and with my intelligence, we will have no problem discussing the mix up to the inspector.' Birling smiled, raised his eyebrows and nodded his head. Sheila opposed Gerald's point, while feeling very tensed and retaliated, 'Would a police inspector really come round at this time of night- just to ask why- we made a phone call?' 'You know, I know, we all know, that we all took part in the death of Eva Smith or what ever her name is,' added Eric to discard Gerald, in a firm tone of voice, while staring at his father and Gerald. ...read more.


Seconds later he thumped his fist firmly down on the delicate mahogany dinning table, knocking one of the precious silver candle holders over, and gazed at Eric firmly and blasted out, 'NOW!' Eric looked fearful and slowly strolled to the door, while he shook his head from side to side a couple of times. He slammed the door behind him, making a loud, unpleasant sound. Mrs Birling interrupted the stillness and glanced at her fuming husband and declared, 'I cannot cope with this nonsense any longer, and I have got an early start tomorrow and-and many appointments with the ladies in the institution and-.' 'We are going nowhere squabbling like this and I just can not take any more of this too! I am off upstairs to wash off my worries away in the bath,' declared Sheila, boldly, while she interrupted her mother. They both departed the dining table swiftly and left Gerald and Birling to deal with the second agonising police inquiry. Gerald and Birling just looked and each other, speechless. The beautiful old silver clock was heard peacefully as the seconds ticked pass. Birling took a large sip of his whisky when the thumping of the door interrupted him. They looked at one another in disbelief, shock and horror, feeling defenceless. ...read more.

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