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An Inspector Calls - Who changes most and why?

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An Inspector Calls Who changes most and why? In my English class I have been reading the play 'An Inspector Calls'! The play is about a fairly well-off family (the Birling's) who have their evening spoilt by having an inspector call round, to ask them questions about a girl, Eva Smith, who drank some disinfectant to kill herself. I am going to start my comparisons with the head of the house-hold, Arthur Birling. Arthur Birling is a selfish, arrogant, family man who doesn't know the meaning of the word responsibility. The play starts off with the family sat around the dining table, toasting to the daughter, Sheila's, engagement to Gerald Croft. While the girls (Sheila and her mother, Sybil) trail off to the drawing room, Arthur decides to teach Gerald something about responsibility; 'A man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own' He also has a fairly good reason as to ...read more.


Sybil Birling is Arthur's wife. She is very like her husband in being selfish, and is very unrepentant. Sybil finds out that she had something to do with the death of Eva, around the middle of the play. As it turned out, she had actually turned Eva away when she was looking for help. The inspector tries his best to make Sybil realize that what she did was wrong and uncalled for but Sybil reacts by shifting the blame onto someone else; 'Please remember before you start accusing me of anything again, that it wasn't I who had her turned out of her employment- which probably began it all' Sybil did actually have a fairly good reason as to turn away Eva as she used a fake name, Mrs Birling, to get the help. Sybil, believing she was being mocked, had turned Eva away thinking that she had been wasting her time. ...read more.


She also builds up her confidence while the inspector interviews her and she manages to stand up to her parents towards the end of the play; '...The point is, you don't seem to have learnt anything...it's you two who are being childish- trying not to face facts.' Sheila changes a lot during the course of the play and she doesn't let herself change back, just because they manage to prove that the inspector was a fake. Eric's like his sister. He started off quite pleased with himself and then when the inspector started asking him questions he managed to build up a strong and responsible side to his character. He was honest about what happened between himself and Eva and he was repentant about it. So... who did change most during the course of the play 'An Inspector Calls??? Both Sheila and Eric changed the most during the play, and it is mostly recognised by Sybil; Sybil: 'You seem to have made a great impression on this child inspector.' Inspector: 'We often do on the young ones' ...read more.

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