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An Inspector Calls-Whos To Blame

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An Inspector Calls-Whos To Blame Are the Birling family and Gerald Croft collectively responsible for the death of Eva Smith? I will be looking at the Birling family and Gerald Croft to see if they are collectively responsible in any way for the death of Eva Smith/Daisy Renton. I will begin by looking at how Mr Birling was involved with the death of Eva Smith. Mr Birling is head of his own company called Birling and Co and Eva was a worker there but was then sacked because she was a strike ringleader. This, although it wasn't the nicest things to do, wasn't a major factor in Eva's death. The factor that was nasty was that after her death Mr Birling didn't show any remorse towards Eva at all, on the contrary he shifted the blame onto other people who were just as equally responsible. So this started off a chain reaction in Eva's life, which eventually lead to her death. During the time that the inspector is at the Birlings we find out that Mr Birling is a very callous man whom does everything in his power to shift the blame. ...read more.


So near the end of the play we feel a bit more sorry for Sheila because of this. This is shown a number of times in lines such as "It's a shame" and "I know I'm to blame and I'm desperately sorry". We also know that she has strong moral values and is very strong-minded about women's rights as she contradicts her father, who talks about Eva as cheap labour, by saying "Women aren't cheap labour". As part of her morality we know that she values honesty, as after Gerald admits an affair with Daisy Renton (Eva Smith), she says, "Well at least he's been honest". But as this was Eva's "last steady job" it was understandable that Eva became unstable and this would have driven her one step closer to suicide. So in conclusion towards this character I think we cannot blame her totally as she is a bright, intelligent girl who's full of youth and life and the idea of youth being in the play gives it the idea of a future and hope. Sheila is engaged to a man called Gerald Croft. ...read more.


threatened to make a row if she did not let him into her residence, so he went in and they had sex and this went on for a few weeks and Eric found out that she didn't have much money so he stole money from his dads office. Then Eric found out that she was pregnant and asked her if she wanted him to marry her but she said no because she knew that he couldn't marry her. The only other thing that would have made not marry him would be because he had a love for alcohol. He tries to justify himself by saying it was purely for the sex. Eric also shows remorse towards Eva now that she was dead which means he is more like Sheila and this means we could also forgive Eric a little bit too. In conclusion to Eric I would not place all of the blame on Eric but he deserves a fair share for using her as a sex object. In Conclusion they are all collectively responsible because they all contributed towards her death in some way, but these are all morality issues and this is what the Birling family and Gerald Croft lack - morals. ...read more.

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