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An inspiring character in the book Love Lessons by Jacqueline Wilson was Prudence King

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An inspiring character in the book ?Love Lessons? by Jacqueline Wilson was Prudence King. Prudence is a 15 year old girl who lives with her mother, father and younger sister Grace. This book is about Prue and Grace have been educated at home by their controlling, ultra-strict father almost all their lives. When dad is suddenly rushed to hospital, unable to move or speak, Prue at last discovers what it?s like to have a little freedom. Sent to school for the first time in years, Prue finds it unexpectedly difficult to settle in. The only person she can talk to is her kindly and handsome young art teacher, Rax. When she starts babysitting for Rax?s children, Prue finds herself longing for ten minutes they have alone together as he drives her home. But she can?t act on her secret feelings, can she? It has been written using first person narrative and the person telling the story was Prue so we really see life from Prue?s point of view. 1. Prudence, nicknamed "Prue", is fifteen, and is considered quite intelligent and mature for her age, as she reads a lot of the books from their family's bookstore. ...read more.


When sent to school she makes two friends (Iggy and Figgy), unlike her sister, and is nicknamed "Piggy". Grace is not as academic or thin as Prue. For example, she wishes she could imagine games like her sister. She usually gets on her father's nerves and occasionally on Prue's. She quickly figured out that Prue was "keen on Rax", showing that she is not as ditsy as everyone thinks. . Prue originally thinks of her as a bit of a nuisance but they grow closer as the book goes on. 1. Bernard King ? Prue?s short tempered father. He has a stroke at the start of the book and spends the rest of the book in hospital. 1. Keith Raxberry (Rax) ? Prudence's art teacher. He is very kind and understanding to Prue, and often looks after her at times when she is distressed. Rax is young, most likely in his mid-twenties, and has brown hair and a "little beard" on his chin. He is considered to be quite good-looking by Prue, and also has a very cool and relaxed attitude. ...read more.


1. I feel that the style in which this book has been written in is in close contact with the same children of today may be. 1. It includes funny thoughts and similes and real places and situation that we face today. 1. All in all, I thought this was an awesome book. It has an amazingly good plot idea, as most people wouldn?t think of children nowadays having their clothes home-made wonkily by their mother. 1. I did enjoyed being taken away by this book, into a world of Prue and Grace and all their problems within life. 1. This story is a wonderful masterpiece and something I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It is well-written. 1. Personally I think that the book is very good because it exposes the life of a sad 15 year old girl. 1. It was very sweet, and I especially liked, the main character, Prudence. The character seemed very innocent but not obnoxious or prudish, which I liked. 1. I also appreciated the fact that the author chose to have the feelings returned by the returned by the teacher. These kinds of relationships do happen. 1. Each last page of the chapter is brilliant, and you really find it hard to put the book down. ...read more.

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