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An review of "The Edge" by Alan Gibbons

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An review on the Edge by Alan Gibbons The Edge is a novel covering some of the main modern day issues and concerns such as domestic violence, single parenting, drugs and racism. After having to cope with a violent boyfriend for three years young mum Cathy and her son Danny come up with a risky but possible plan to get away from `The Animal'. A blood-pumping race through the streets of modern day London leads Cathy and Danny to the train where they get away to start their new life living on The Edge in the North. ...read more.


Gibbons has created a moral but fast-paced book which looks at many modern day issues such as domestic violence and racism. The plot is thick with hidden truths and the amazing storyline will make you wonder how such a good book is not better known. The author uses short, sharp sentences to give a sense of a hurried and rushed opening to the book. Alan Gibbons has done this technique very successfully because his technique gives you an insight into their previous lives, however, meeting Chris Kane, Cathy is not allowed a past because Chris thinks he is her past, present and future but she still refers back to her youth when he's not around. ...read more.


It kept me interested, intrigued and constantly wanting to find out what happened next. The book is set out as if it were a diary, each chapter being split up into each characters entry for that particular day. The characters are well portrayed and each of the them show very different personalities but all coming together in the end, giving a dramatic scene and climax to the novel, sorting out the bad from the good. I would recommend this book for anybody aged about 10+ as there are some scenes of harsh violence and it can be a bit confusing at times. Overall however a brilliant plot with many moral points of interest but it can be a touch confusing at times. Bethany Hunnebell ...read more.

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