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An Unexpected Meeting.

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Daniel Clayton An Unexpected Meeting I knew I was being followed as I drove towards town. A dark figure in an intimidating truck had been following me for hours. The truck was completely covered in rust and had a dent in the bonnet. It began to accelerate and tried to ram me off the road. I was panicking; I accelerated trying to escape, with my foot pressed against the floor. But the truck was too fast, and tossed me off the road. Like a derailed train, my little car rolled down the hill, hitting a tree, knocking me out. The last thing I remember was looking around me, seeing the smashed windows and the caved in roof. When I came to, I was still in shock; I was still in my car. I wasn't seriously injured; I had only a few minor cuts and bruises. I struggled to listen. Everything was quiet. All I could hear was the waves hitting the beach. It was completely dark, the only light coming from the moon's reflection off the sea. I peered out, hoping that I was safe, wondering who it was. ...read more.


This sent a shiver up my back. There were no lights, no electricity and more importantly, the town was completely abandoned. The only person that I had seen had been the person that had tried to kill me. I was terrified, trying to think of possibilities as to why the town was abandoned. Was it because of the hurricane? Or maybe the mysterious dark stranger had something to do with the town's emptiness? The tarmac on the road was cracked, with weeds aggressively breaking their way through. There were also big holes randomly spread over the road. The people of this town must all have left, and judging by the houses it must have been a long time ago. The paint had started peeling off, the windows were mostly cracked or smashed and the rooves had holes in them. As I limped down the creepy, dark street one of the windows of a house smashed, but I kept on walking. A few moments later I heard the echo of footsteps. ...read more.


The time it took him to climb the stairs was like a lifetime. He started to make his way slowly towards the door of the room I was in. Once he was outside the door I was frozen to the spot, unable to move. Even though I wanted to run, I couldn't. All I could do was sit frozen, staring at the door, breathing heavily. I heard him begin to turn the squeaky handle incredibly slowly. He started to open the creaking door. In a heartbeat he had thrown the door across the room, I began to shake more violently than before. My heart, was thumping against my chest like a drum. He began to walk slowly towards me, the shadows hid his face. He stood directly above me, but when I looked up all I could see was a gigantic hand, stretched out coming towards my face. I couldn't see the hand completely, because it was extremely dark, and I only saw the outline. In the other hand was a sharp pointed object, shining in the moonlight. With a sudden movement it came rushing towards me, and I knew that this was the end... ...read more.

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