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An Unforgettable Experience

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An Unforgettable Experience It was my first time at Dubai Airport, the symbol of United Arab Emirates' aviation ascendancy. The bustling International airport was a long way away from my rural residence. Due to the long distance, we had been obliged to take the taxi instead of making use of public transport. The atmosphere in the car was generally silent, but occasionally my parents moaned about all the minor discomforts of the journey. It felt like we were in a funeral. Hours after departing my house, we started noticing frequent aeroplanes, low down in the sky indicating the proximity to the airport. The roads had become more congested and the air was more contaminated than from where we had initially departed. During the taxi ride to Dubai Airport a sense of inexplicable anticipation had built up within me. As we arrived at the airport, I stared in awe at the size and beauty of the place. Just looking at the sheer number of people in the airport overwhelmed me. When traveling by plane, most people are in fear of getting hijacked or the plane crashing, but the main form of fear for me was fear of getting lost at the airports or there being complications with the flight tickets. Although the reasons for my fear were trivial in comparison, they built up a sense of nervousness with me. ...read more.


As we drove towards the hotel, we noticed an island nestled on the middle of a placid, deep blue lake. The island was a safe distance away from intruders, but was close enough to spark our imaginations. We were all looking forward to settling into our rooms in the hotel, located on the bank of the lake. Instantaneous after the car stopped, we were outside stretching our exhausted legs and inhaling the fresh air. That evening, as we roamed around the town, we saw a derelict church. The forlorn church stood gazing longingly through the rusty gates that had kept it sacred and undisturbed for decades. It had been kept divorced from the outside world. The gardens of forgotten graves were hardly visible under the blanket of emerald green weeds and uncut grass. The wind seemed inexistent, as if it were holding its breath. Ivy climbed the walls of the church, disguising its beauty behind the dirty green mask. The trees showed no enthusiasm through their color. Their naked branches seemed sinister and unwelcoming. Ivy climbed the walls of the church, disguising its beauty behind the dirty green mask. The flowerbeds lay neglected and untouched, with nothing eye catching but shimmering silver trails of mollusks. These were the only inhabitants of this serene and lifeless world. Late at night, we returned to the hotel and went to sleep in the warm, snug bed of the hotel. ...read more.


Then I was devastated as a bulky built man about six feet tall came and took her away. I changed my intellect about dreams. I was awarded a trophy for my bravery and quick thinking. In the eye of others, the golden trophy is a symbol of my bravery, but to me, the trophy represents my realization but I would have given that trophy back if only I could have Linda but maybe it was my immaturity. Although the trophy stands prominently in the glass cupboard, the message it carries has been deeply carved into my heart where it will stay forever, and so will Linda. I had always thought of myself as a "boring person" who did the most tedious things and who would never fall in love but I was wrong. I used to think that my life was like a bittersweet symphony, similar to the words of a sad song, where the words have no meaning. My life had always been like a pointless existence in my view. This dramatic experience taught me that merely to exist is not enough. Life must have a purpose; a meaning; a reason. Life must encompass dreams of aspiration. From that day, I decided what my goal of life would be. The realization of the value of life stimulated me to become a doctor and help save other people's valuable lives. I guess I gained something from this journey......but not what I really wanted. Sathyen Prabhu Senior 5B ...read more.

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