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An unofficial guide to your school

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An unofficial guide to your school This is an unofficial guide to your school and take care of it. Anyway In 2005 Pleckgate became mathematics and computing college and with this they were told to improve the classes in these two departments from the funds. They also changed the name of the school and the badge. And finally have a great time at Pleckgate High School Mathematics and Computing College. Below is some information you need to know before you come through the doors. Assemblies In Pleckgate high school an assembly takes place every day of the week. There are different days for different years. As there are five year groups everyday an assembly takes place i.e year 11 have it on Fridays. These assemblies take place in the hall where the pupils sit in the benches provided with their tutor groups. The assembly is usually in the morning and is done by the year head or a senior staff. The time for assembly is 15 minutes but this is not precise as sometimes we run into the first lesson of the day. ...read more.


There are many things which are not allowed such as people bringing in bubbly gum. Food This school facilities and there is a great range of food available in our menu, like other schools majority of the people eat school dinners. The other have sandwiches which they bring from home. There is a minority of people who go home to eat, but before they do this they have to bring a letter so they can leave the school premises, this is because there are a few idiots do a runner at dinnertime in which they have a take-out or truant. Homework When people start high school the thing which they dislike most is homework! But in year 7, 8 and 9 homework isn't a big problem apart from long boring English essays. In year 10 and 11 you get homework everyday and this can be a real sack full. But in order to get success you HAVE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK! 5 teachers you should always do homework for: 1. Mr. McKenzie 2. Miss Langfeld 3. Mrs. Ruston 4. ...read more.


Sport The sport department has two main facilities which are the sports hall and the gym. The school also has a fitness suite and four outdoor tennis courts with two grass pitches. The grass pitches are used in matches against other schools. What to wear Pleckgate high school requires you to come smartly dress and accordingly. Tie- School design- girls and boys White blouse- girls Navy blue skirt- girls Shoes- black, flat shoes- girls and boys Outdoor coat- plain blue/black for boys and girls Socks- white or navy- girls and boys In summer you have a choice of wearing a blue polo shirt, this is to keep you cool when teachers are shouting at you. Just before I finish I will give a list of the best teachers and the sad teachers. Best teachers worst teachers 1. Mr. Clegg 1. Mr. McKenzie 2. Mr. Gagen 2. Mr. Morgan 2. Mr. Smith 3. Mr. Campbell 4. Miss Rose 4. Mr. Nielsen 5. Mr. Cadmen 5. Miss Langfeld Note: Miss Langfeld is known to be the strictest lady teacher in the school, so pupils WATCH OUT!! And finally have a great time at Pleckgate High School!!! ?? ?? ?? ?? Barbara pilling ...read more.

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