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Analyse and comment on the opening scenes of Baz Luhrmann(TM)s version of Romeo and Juliet(TM).

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Analyse and comment on the opening scenes of Baz Luhrmann's version of 'Romeo and Juliet'. Romeo and Juliet is a well known play which was written by William Shakespeare. This play has become into a modernized film which makes it easier for the younger generation to adapt to, allowing them to freely understand the concept of Shakespeare's language. The most recent version of this play is directed by 'Baz Luhrmann'. 'Baz Luhrmann', has directed many other different types of films in the past, from Romance to action. Some of his most popular films are, 'Strictly Ballroom', 'Moulin Rouge', 'Australia' and of course his most popular film 'Romeo and Juliet'. The majority of his films revolve around the genre of romance. However 'Australia' was not one of his Films that contained that particular theme and this resulted in his film not being accepted by his audience. Nevertheless, he has not lost the willpower and therefore he is working on a new film, which will begin in 2010. Music allows 'Baz Luhrmann' to exploit his emotions, and therefore the audience admires him regarding this matter. Due to all his hard work and his excellent skills of creating stunning films, he has earned himself many awards, and has also been nominated several times. ...read more.


Sound plays a key role in this film; it emphasizes many things and signifies many things too. This specific film shows that Baz Luhrmann has tried to keep this film as traditional as possible. The Genre is still the same. The theme of Romance is also there but to make this 'Shakespeare' script easy to understand, ' Baz Luhrmann ' has changed it to a completely new film and made it as modern as possible but excluded the changing of the script. Furthermore, the scene is suggesting that it is taking place at a Gas Station called 'Phoenix' because at the beginning of the scene 'Phoenix' is written on a big board identifying that it may be important. The word Phoenix emphasizes that a bird has risen up from the ashes. The Capulet's and the Montague's have risen from the ashes too. In addition, there are many different camera angles used in this particular scene. Firstly, the 'Capulet's' spurs are closed up on and the camera zooms into the shoes when they come out the car; this signifies that they are trying to make it look as if it is a westernized film as possible. A medium close up is taken of the two 'Families badges' each badge is shown to the audience so that it could be clearly identified, so which person represents which family. ...read more.


The sign which read 'add more fuel to your fire', this happens at the end of the scene when Tybalt drops a match stick on the floor and the fire catches the fuel and a flame emerges, turning the 'Gas Station' into flames. Colors can mean a number of things. The color of the Montague's car is yellow; the color yellow signifies cowardice, which they are cowards because they are scared of the Capulet's. Another example is 'yellow face' which is not related to this film. The Montague's are wearing black clothes; the color black signifies power and arrogance. In fact, they do act arrogant. As said before, there is a western theme played at the background, it also shows the rivalry between the two Families. What I like about the opening scene, is that, it is self explanatory. Even if you do not understand Shakespeare's language, it is very easy to understand what is going on, because 'Baz Luhrmann' has made this film so easy to understand. Also, many people do not like reading the old text of Romeo and Juliet, so this film is very simplified. However I think that the film is a bit too over dramatic and contains many different sounds, which is not needed, and can be a simple film. But I think many people like the modern version of Shakespeare rather than the older versions due to its great emotion and excellent directing by 'Baz Luhrmann'. Abed Ahmed ...read more.

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