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Analyse and compare at least two of the media texts you have studied, for example, the video 'working girl' and the article 'Get yourself noticed'.

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Working Girl Analyse and compare at least two of the media texts you have studied, for example, the video 'working girl' and the article 'Get yourself noticed' you should comment on: * What these texts show about how woman are portrayed in the word of work. * What advice is given to woman who want to improve their image and status at work * What presentational devices are used to convey this information? * What similarities/differences are there between texts? At the beginning of the film it firstly zooms into Tess Mcgill a struggling low paid office worker. It shows that the film will be based on her life. Just by looking at the beginning you can see how woman have changed throughout the years they used to have no power and were house wives now they have a lot more power and have a voice in UK politics. This started in 1919 when married woman got the vote. However, there is still some sort of invisible barrier know at the 'glass ceiling' where woman can't pursue any further in their career as far men can. ...read more.


Tess is not taken seriously at the beginning of the film because she is low paid and is a woman. The first scene is her literally 'wiping her bosses arse!' She obviously had such low status to reach to that standard. Tess changes her appearance in hope to increase her status her best friend encourages her up to a point. Her boss Katherine tells her 'Dress shabbily they notice the dress, dress impeccably they notice the woman' - Co Co Chanel It is as if her boss is moulding her how she would like her to look she is leading her to believe they will be a team. Tess is very keen and desperate to get herself noticed and as Katherine is her role model so she doesn't question her. Katherine tells Tess ' Peoples impressions start with you' She also tells Tess that she values her input and will listen to her ideas. At last Tess feels she has someone who will help her. ...read more.


Like Katherine the lady looks as if she is a power dresser, self publicist and likes to be in total control of things. The logo 'career ahead' makes people notice it is a regular section. 'Get yourself noticed' indicates it is about you and draws reader's attention because it is addressed to 'you' personally. It stands out on the page because it is big, bold and it is basic and easy to read as it is in different sections. There are different font sizes to make it interesting. Each heading encourages people eg 'Believe in yourself' 'Changing your attitude'. It is as if it is an imperative. It give the writer authority it is very clear. In conclusion I think the film and article give helpful advice to woman who are interested to advance their career. Both texts may help audiences in up coming choices in life. It is a big confidence booster. I feel there should be more films like this in life. It shows you it doesn't matter where you come from If you truly believe in yourself the job you want to do can be yours if you work hard and learn to have confidence. Charlotte Leech 10B2 ...read more.

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