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Analyse and compare the conventions of at least two of the fra-grance advertisements aimed at different target audiences, dis-cussing the techniques used to appeal to these consumers.

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Analyse and compare the conventions of at least two of the fragrance advertisements aimed at different target audiences, discussing the techniques used to appeal to these consumers. It is often said that a single picture is worth a thousand worth a thousand words when it comes to describing a scene, or event, or when creating an atmosphere. Advertising agencies, therefore, spend a great deal of time creating images that they hope will influence the way in which an audience reacts to a product. As with colour, images have both a denotation and a connotation. The denotation is the common sense, everyday meaning of something. For example an engagement ring is a circular piece of precious metal, usually decorated with diamonds and sapphires. This is its denotation. The connotation is the additional meaning something carries with it. For a example, when a man gives a woman an engagement ring, he is offering her more than a simple piece of jewellery- an engagement ring means that she is to be marries. That is its connotation. Fragrance advertisements are usually found in magazines or televisions. The purpose of adverts is to sell the product they are advertising by using as many different techniques as possible. When selling products the companies have to think about their target audience-the specific people who the information is aimed at and the unique selling point (USP).This is based on sexual images, humour, life etc. ...read more.


The fragrance advert 'Paco Rabanne' uses a few presentational devices these include highlighting, logos and colour. The purpose of highlighting would be to make the advert be different from others; unique. The effect it might have on the consumer is that it will show more of the good sides which the reader will want. The logo is 'xs' this is also shown on his 'dog tag' to identify the perfume. The logo is also on the perfume except it is in different colour. The colour in the advert is black and white while the brand is in red and bold once again so it would stand out and be remembered. The comparison in all the adverts is that they use highlighting the brands name. The effect of this is to remember and show the brand of the perfume. The best advert that uses this presentational devise is 'Paco Rabanne' because it is not in white but in red. This stands out more because the brands name is bigger. 'Ghost' uses coloured backgrounds while 'Paco Rabanne' uses white. This is because it indicates the perfume while the other adverts try to make the advert reflect the slogans. In the 'Ghost' advert the bottle is shaped like the moon in order to reflect the perfume. The fact that it is glowing also supports this notion that it represents the moon. ...read more.


However in 'Paco Rabanne' the model is smiling. This is to show that he is sweet and that form his face we know he will not hurt you but give passion. His hands are on his trousers to show of his public hair this is so men would know that he is not afraid to show himself. He is wearing gloves to show off and to reflect his wild side. That he is not all innocent. The fact that he is not wearing a top is to show his muscles and his figure. This is hot and sexy. His body women just want to touch but he is a model and far away so getting it for men would hopefully turn them into this kind of man. Having reviewed the adverts the best overall perfume advert would be 'Ghost' because there are many techniques used. The advert has eye catching details such as the bottle and the heading of the brand. The techniques used in the advert for the heading and bottle to stand out are that around the bottle there is a glow and the heading of the brand is in white. The effect of this is that the glow will make the perfume more attractive and stand out from the advert. The effect of the heading being in bold is that it will be easily remembered. The writing on 'Ghost' is thin to show its very light and not heavy. ...read more.

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