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Analyse and discuss the relationships between the sexes in “Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver” and “Seeing a Beauty Queen Home”.

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Analyse and discuss the relationships between the sexes in "Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver" and "Seeing a Beauty Queen Home" Although both of the stories I have studied had the same message about womanising the era's in which they were written changed the endings. The pre-twentieth text story was written by Thomas Hardy in 1850's and was called "Tony Kytes, The Arch Deceiver". When women were very much dominated by men and marriage was thrived upon by society. The era in which it was written is shown in the story by objects such as: horses and carriages and maidens. The story is written in old complex English using adjectives and descriptive texts. In comparison to the twentieth century text which is much simpler and modern, using slang and less descriptive and unfamiliar words? The second story I studied was written in 1950's by Bill Naughton and was titles "Seeing a Beauty Queen Home". As shown in the text during the era when this book was written women were beginning to become as dominant, marriage was seen as less important, also men and women met and acted in different ways as shown by the quote "There was one wench... ...read more.


Rudy treats women with disrespect and uses negative language to describe them such as before he found out Maggie was a beauty queen he called her a 'griffin' and a 'wench'. He uses women for sex not marriage proving the time change, and will only go out of his way if it is worth his while, just as he did with Maggie where he paid a tram journey and missed the last tram home as a bargain for sex and sympathy off her, and uses her as a trophy keeping Maggie feeling special whilst he had no feelings foe her. When Rudy travels to Maggie's grandma's and is in an all female environment he becomes adjetated due to her newly found dominant behaviour, causing a change in power. In both stories despite time differences, the men seem similar where as the women's characters are very different, which will indicate a change in women's roles and positions. Before the industrial revolution, men and women worked together in or around the home. Men were considered head of the household and society was male dominated. During factory production the pattern begin to change as women tries to prove themselves and fought to become equal. ...read more.


She is presented as large, down to earth and powerful as shown when they flirt by her punching him in the arm. She shows a great level of power when at her grandma's house, whereas her grandma is still under male dominance like she was brought up shown when she regards Rudy's lies as the truth; "How's Your Leg?" Whereas she questions Maggie's answers all the way through the story she drove Rudy on such as when she let him in the house and put the key in mouth to stop it making a noise, this action suggests she has done it before showing an element of control. Therefore the sexes show different characteristics in either story. In conclusion the roles of women have changed considerably during the tome era's I studied. The roles Maggie played with her dominance and confidence in male company was a great contrast compared to Milly who was greatly dominated by Tony and wanted marriage only to escape her male headed household. Therefore the relationships between sexes at the times the stories "Tony Kytes, The Arch Deceiver" and "Seeing a Beauty Queen Home" were written depends greatly upon societies views, family life and time era. Carl Courtney Carl Courtney English Coursework 12:4 ...read more.

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