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Analyse, compare and contrast "Aberfan" and "suicide on Pentwyn Bridge".

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Ryan Pryce 11 Analyse, compare and contrast "Aberfan" and "suicide on Pentwyn Bridge" For this piece of coursework I am going to analyse, compare and contrast the poems 'Aberfan and 'Suicide on Pentwyn Bridge. The poem 'Aberfan' starts off being very quiet and eerie after the disaster had happened; it feels like the whole town has been wiped out. The poet shows us that people are very depressed. He writes that the parents and relatives of the dead have gone down the pub. He uses the fraises; 'fill their glasses' which is making the reader think that they need to drink, to keep their courage up after what has happened. The poet talks about the habitat of the area becoming unnatural, the habitat has changed dramatically the birds are not singing as usual and the children are not laughing as they usually do. This disaster has affected every type of creature, from birds to humans in the Aberfan. The old people of Aberfan bow their heads thinking to themselves that they should have been the first people to go in the village not the young children. ...read more.


The poet use the word broken to describe all the thing that had been damaged in the school as in children and doll., There is nothing left except adults, a complete generation has been wiped out. Solemn now, no fun at all in Aberfan, everyone is upset no games or laughter everything quiet like an old ghost town which no one ever visits. The survivors were looked at jealously by grieving family's, thinking why did it have to by me child?? For the last verse of the poem, the poet uses a reflective tone by saying that its all quiet in Aberfan now, the author uses the reflective tone to sum up everything that has happened recently in Aberfan. The church bells are now all silent in Aberfan when the funerals are going on, no weddings just funerals. Very sad atmosphere in Aberfan. The family are starting to feel guilty about what happened, why did it happen to us? Why not them? They feel guilty as parents thinking to them selves that they had responsibility for their children. ...read more.


The corridors are described as very bleak no posters or painting or flowers. The doctors had no words to say to his wife, no sympathy for her. A lot of small talk and social skills that were not very good. The wife uses supermarket talk by saying 'doctors do not live in the same world as me' she is trying to say that they do not understand what she is going through. The man spent a lot of time to die; this meant that his wife suffered for a very long time. Christmas is supposed to as a warm time of year but that has been shatterring for the people that were close to the man that died. The man who committed suicide survived all the way through the winter until he dies in the spring. He took a very long time to die, which meant that the death was very distressing for the families. The relationship between both of the poems is very strong; the scene is very quiet in both poems, as two different tragedies have affected two different communities. The poets of both poems use a lot of colours in the poems to describe different feelings such as white for the description of the hospital. ...read more.

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