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Analyse how Miller creates tension in two scenes from A view from the bridge. Analyse in detail the dramatic effect of two scenes from A view from the bridge

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Analyse how Miller creates tension in two scenes from "A view from the bridge". Analyse in detail the dramatic effect of two scenes from "A view from the bridge" The first scene I'm going to analyse is the second scene in the play and the first in which we see the main characters of the play, Eddie, Catherine and Beatrice. Eddie is introduced in the opening scene where a lawyer who is found to be the narrator of this play talks of the story the audience is about to witness. This scene is here to give people watching the play an insight into what it will be about and make them wonder, when they get introduced to these people, what the story will be about. It makes them curious and they become more judging of Eddie especially and also the other characters. This makes them formulate their opinions of people and therefore become more involved in the play on an emotional level. This gives in turn Miller the licence to create a very normal family scene knowing that the audience will be questioning how long it will stay this normal and looking for ways in which it could go wrong. Miller gives them this by raising the issue that will eventually tip Eddie over the edge, but using it in a casual way, creating a normal family. ...read more.


The reader can see that tension is building fast between these two characters as Eddie becomes more and more scared of loosing Catherine and Catherine wants more and more to grow up and meet someone. The audience can then relate this to what the rest of the play will hold and get the story line that Catherine will find a man and Eddie will try anything to stop her from leaving him. This leads the audience not to think about what will happen but about when and how it will happen. Throughout the story Miller creates scenes that give an insight into the rest of the play. This scene does this most effectively although many in the audience will be unaware as the play has just started and they are unaware of the continuous pattern. It helps to create future dramatic effect though in later scenes and sets the scene very well as an opening scene. The opening scene also introduces the fact that Beatrice's cousins have "landed". As this is in the opening scene it must be important to the plot and the character dialog deems it to be a good thing from Beatrice's and Catherine's point of view: Catherine - "B! Your cousins!" Beatrice - "I didn't even buy a new tablecloth: I was going to wash the walls." ...read more.


Him fighting a loosing battle leads to expectations of what will happen and therefore the tension and atmosphere of the play. Eddie's anger can be distinguished by the language Miller uses when Eddie is talking: "Sure he's terrific! Look at him go! (Rodolfo lands a blow) 'At's it! Now, watch out here I come Danish." He is mocking Rodolfo, deeming him to be and feel as low as possible. Eddie needs to bring him down and make him appear to be as useless as possible, this is to make him look bigger and better do Catherine may prefer him. This is low for Eddie, very low, and is more of a last ditch attempt, where all else has failed. It shows him on a downward spiral that cannot end happily as he is past rational sane thought. Miller does this to make the audience tense and on edge about what is going to happen next. The dramatic effect of this scene is to show the audience just what lengths Eddie and Marco will go to and helps to confirm the audiences growing suspicion that this will end with Eddie willing to do anything, even take a life, to keep Catherine. It also shows this will probably end badly for him if Marco has anything to do with it which it is almost guaranteed he will. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma Elphick - 1 - ...read more.

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