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Analyse how structural and linguistic devices are used to target specific audiences in printed media texts

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Analyse how structural and linguistic devices are used to target specific audiences in printed media texts. I am going to analyse two printed media texts. The first text is taken from the "Thomson Freestyle Holiday Brochure" Promoting a small Greek island called Zakynthos. The target audience is aimed at the young and lively groups, ranging from eighteen to thirty. The second text is taken from the "Thomson Lifestyle Brochure", still promoting the same Greek island, Zakynthos. However, the target audience is aimed at the mature groups who may be into a more relaxed and tranquil environment. I am now going to refer to the Thomson Freestyle text as advertisement one, and the Thomson Lifestyle text as advertisement two. In advertisement one there are two pictures, one of a couple having fun and another of a map. This takes up roughly forty percent of the page. This advertisement also has a large bold heading which states the name of the island. In advertisement two, there are five pictures. ...read more.


The target audience would probably be interested in the climate as they wouldn't want it to be too hot when sightseeing and exploring. It wouldn't matter to advert ones target audience as their focus would be on the action packed nightlife. As this advertisement is more detailed and calm, it appeals more to the target audience it was set at, showing to be more mature and educational. The text of advertisement one is mainly short descriptions of each club, bar or activity. It is set out in columns: one side for pictures and the other for all the text, with the bold heading centred at the top. This appeals to the target audience again, as the readers do not want to read about everything, they will just want to know the main points. However, advertisement two is mainly text. It consists of the images at the top of the page, and the title with a caption. There is an introduction about the island, later going onto the beaches, shopping, eating out and sigh seeing in more detail. ...read more.


As the text already had small font and a lot of writing, you can tell that it is very detailed, which is what the target audience want. They want to know where all the best sights are and about its culture; this is why it fits perfectly with their audience. In conclusion, both advertisements succeed for their target audience, as they both have the right characteristics to appeal to the audience: bold striking colours and informal words for the teens and pale pastel colours with informal text for the more mature groups. If I was to buy one of these holidays, it would be from the Thomson Freestyle Holiday Brochure, as it is more appealing to my age group. It explains where all the bars are to have a great time, and what you could do in the day for fun. Advertisement two is too dull and boring for me. I wouldn't want to go on an educational and sightseeing holiday at my age. ...read more.

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