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Analyse, Review and Comment Essay

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Obesity is a problem for some children, but not many. It can reduce life span as it can cause a heart attack, because fat can block arteries. It sort of makes a child handicapped, because obesity can cause people not to perform well on things, such as sport and athletics. Obesity is caused by bad diet in children, because people might say they eat too much 'junk food', like burgers, cakes and chips. The government has recommended eating at least 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day, but hardly any children actually eat that much healthy food. Obesity can also be caused by lack of exercise. ...read more.


It can give children wrinkled skin, yellow teeth and yellow finger nails. Also, children can become less fit and have breathing problems. Children smoke because they think its 'cool', but most people don't think it is, but why do children still think that they look cooler with a fag in their hand? Well, the most obvious thing is peer pressure. If all your friends smoke and you don't, it makes you the odd one out, so you do it as well. Nobody can make children stop smoking, but we can give them lots of advice, especially younger children as they might think it's disgusting and so make up their mind not to ever smoke. ...read more.


This helps children to chat, especially if they are shy. They want to escape from reality and use alcohol to solve their problems. The remedies of underage drinking are similar to smoking, such as an enforcement of law for underage drinking and counselling. If a child wants to be stimulated, they can take other things, like coffee. Getting fit will make them happy, so they don't need alcohol if they are depressed. I think the government, parents and teachers can only give advice to children about obesity, smoking and drinking. Then it is upto the child to take the advice or not and if they do make the wrong discision, then it's the child's own fault for suffering, it's their own responsibility to take care of themselves. ...read more.

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