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Analyse, Review and Comment on the way the Character of Farquaad is Introduced to the Viewer in the Film 'Shrek'

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Analyse, Review and Comment on the way the Character of Farquaad is Introduced to the Viewer in the Film 'Shrek' Shrek is a computer animated film made in 2000 by DreamWorks and is a parody of the fairytale genre; this creates a film that appeals to many audiences, especially as there are many levels of humour, including innuendo, puns and slapstick. Shrek is a reclusive ogre who is given a quest to find Lord Farquaad's 'love', Princess Fiona on the condition that the Lord removes all the fairytale creatures currently residing in his swamp. Shrek eventually finds the Princess with the aid of his wisecracking donkey called Donkey. The story concludes with the discovery that Princess Fiona turns into an ogre at night, therefore showing that true beauty is on the inside. ...read more.


Our first sight of the Lord is that of his shoes, which are very regal, this is accompanied by an orchestral piece reaching a crescendo as we see the Lord's whole body rapidly dwindles as we pan out and see the Lord is actually rather short, thus ending our impressions of a towering ruler. When we see this, we see that the Lord has been throwing his weight around to make up for his lack of height. Whilst this is happening, the scene cuts to a 'executioner' style person who is seen pouring a glass of milk, which, we find out later is used as a torture implement to soften the gingerbread man. In this scene, we are bombarded with references to literature, from Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' to Kipling's 'The Jungle Book.' ...read more.


As we have an upwards tilt, it feels like Lord Farquaad is exerting authority over the audience and this tilt also makes the Lord look taller and more in control, whilst also stressing the state of submission the Gingerbread Man is in. In conclusion, the Lord is introduced in a very clever way, playing with the audiences' preconceptions and changing his status in the audiences' eyes on a regular basis. Music and camera angles play a large part in enforcing the Lord's status, as does timing and the order in which the cast is introduced. As this film is animated, it is a large endeavour on the animators' part to try and introduce the characters normally, let alone in the clever and sly way that has been achieved. I feel that it must be said, however that this clever introductive sequence is part of a film hat was made by 275 artists, computer animators, software developers and engineers, taking almost three years to complete. ...read more.

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