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Analyse, review & comment on the way in which Peter Medak gains the viewers sympathy for Derek Bentley in the film "Let him have it

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Analyse, review & comment on the way in which Peter Medak gains the viewers sympathy for Derek Bentley in the film "Let him have it"? This films tells us the story of 19 year old Derek Bentley & 16 year old Christopher Craig. The story is about the miscarriage of justice, which leads to Derek Bentley getting hanged for a crime he did not commit. The story was set in 1952 in London. Derek Bentley was charged with the murder of pc Sidney Miles even though he did not shoot the officer, Christopher Craig did. The reason Peter Medak made the film was to prove that the death penalty was wrong & maybe to help clear Bentley's name. At the start of the film was to the camera goes through the streets of London at the time of the war with devastation all around. Then you see the young Iris, Derek's sister yelling for help & pulling bricks from a pile of rubble. We then see Derek's face &as the camera closes in we see Derek is having an epileptic fit. In the background it starts playing a slow, sad piano solo. ...read more.


This again shows us that he doesn't think for himself. When Bentley said, "let him have it", on the roof, he didn't mean shoot him. This proves his child ness, which gains sympathy for him. Bentley also tried to warn the police that Christopher Craig had a gun, which shows that he did not want nobody to get shot. When the police was holding Bentley he was showing remorse & was not trying to get away. This shows us that Bentley did not want to be up their and this gains from the viewer's sympathy. When Craig shoots Pc Miles in the head Bentley went over to the body & checks to see if he's alive. When the cameras on his face you can see the shock and confusion, which makes us, feel sorry for him because he doesn't understand what's going on. To some extent we feel sympathy for Craig because he was in a desperate state of mind following his brother Niven's sentence for armed robbery. Craig's shocking backward leap off the roof, shows his desperateness. ...read more.


He means the judge who sentenced him. When they know that their son is going to be executed you can see the heart break on Bentleys mum and dad's face. When they're speaking to Bentley, in the prison he tries to be brave saying, "I'm not afraid to die," which gains sympathy for him especially when he asks his dad, "Does it hurt?" which shows how child like he is. When he's about to get hanged he is saying prayer's and suddenly the executioner comes for him saying, "it's going to be aright" which shows even the executioner feels sorry for him and knows it's wrong. After he is hanged a point of view shot starts as along shot looking down from the sky and gradually goes closer and closer to his house as if it's his spirit. It then goes down and into his through Derek's room, down the stairs to the room, where his family are crying and this makes us feel emotional. It is like his spirit has come to say goodbye to his family. I think it was completely unjust what happened to Derek Bentley. I enjoyed the film because I think it was brilliant how it was directed to gain the maximum amount of sympathy for Bentley. ...read more.

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