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Analyse Review Comment- Sexism

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Analyse-Review-Comment:- Despite Some Progress, Women Are Still Not Treated Equally To Men. Equality is something that is craved by many in the world, in race, in age and in sex, as well as in many other cases. The equality of women and men is a great concern to the world. Some say that women are still treated as inferior beings, others say that their has been progress and this discrimination no longer exists, and some say that progress has happened but more work needs to be done. These conflicting views all have their arguments, and they all need exploring to reach a conclusion on the issue. One of the main examples that people in use as evidence of discrimination involves the workplace, and the "glass ceiling". This term is used to describe the invisible barrier that women hit when they get high up into an organisation, a point where their careers can develop no further. This certainly seems to be apparent in the world- in a recent survey by "Time Magazine" only two of the CEOs of the one hundred richest companies in America were women- this figure is a mere five in the UK. The impact of the glass ceiling is not only seen in positions however, pay is also seen to be a barrier by some. ...read more.


However, in 2008 �700,000 went to both the means' and women's' singles champions, and �350,000 went to both runners up. Therefore equal pay has been introduced at Wimbledon, showing that treatment of women in sport is improving. However, there are other cases that are not as rosy- there are no women drivers in Formula One, for example, and sports in which women are equally featured are covered much less by the media. For example, Premier League football rights were bought for �2.7 billion for 2007-10, and approximately four matches are shown live per weekend. Women's football often has four matches broadcast per year, and their finals are played at League grounds, unlike the showpiece Wembley and Millennium Stadium finals. This shows that women in sport are low profile. However, this is not entirely the case. In the example of Wimbledon, it could be perceived that the discrimination is in fact warranted in terms of pay. Men play five sets maximum per match and women only play three. Furthermore, in the early rounds of Wimbledon an average of 60% of women's matches are only two sets, contrasted with just 43% of men's matches only lasting the minimum of three sets. Therefore, discrimination in pay could be said to now be against men, as women receive a greater amount of money per hour played of tennis, which is discriminatory. ...read more.


Health is another issue. Dedicated systems of scanning for breast and cervical cancer have been set up and proved successful, billions of pounds has been spent on advertising this and the dangers of these diseases. However, there is no such system in place for testicular and prostate cancer. What is worrying is that the death rates for these are as high as breast cancer. A final point is levels of violence- in a Market Opinion and Research International (MORI) poll, 13% of women said they had suffered domestic violence, compared to 18% of men. Although fear may be an issue, this poll was voluntary and independent. These points show that men also receive discrimination, which should not be ignored. In conclusion, it is true that women are not yet treated equally to men. They are still discriminated against in places like the workplace and the world of sport. However, emphasis on this discrimination, and the efforts taken to try and relieve it, are a lot greater than those used to decrease the levels of male discrimination. It is clear therefore that while women deserve to be treated equally to men, the greatest effort must be made to ensure that this equation does not swing the other way- equality must always have two sides. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Hansen 11GA ...read more.

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