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Analyse, review compare and comment on the features used in advertisements.

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Analyse, review compare and comment on the features used in advertisements. In the world of retail, it is crucial for companies to advertise their products to promote customer awareness and persuade consumers to purchase them. Manufacturers are competing to persuade the consumer to buy their goods over a rival's. To do this, they employ many subtle tactics to persuade consumers that by buying their product will somehow enhance their lives, e.g. by making them happier, more beautiful and even more desirable. In this essay, I will choose three advertisements from a magazine, which are all aimed at teenagers. I will analyse the ways in which they appeal to their target audience, before deciding which I think is the most effective. The first advertisement I will analyse is for 'Exaggerate Hydra Colour Lipstick' from Rimmel. The images and language that are used give an impression of strength, vibrancy and even violence. The picture shows Kate Moss tilting her head moodily to reveal a symbol, resembling graffiti, drawn on her cheek in lipstick. The Exaggerate Hydra colour lipstick is a dark, bold plum and is pasted over her lips, and a sullen and defiant expression covers her face. She wears a jagged-edged, black, lacy top. The theme of arrogance and hostility is shown in the language also, as the words used to describe the product are all linked with violence. ...read more.


The use of a unusual layout has been apparent throughout all three of the adverts I have looked at and is a complete spin on the usual Ogivily layout, which encompasses a large image taking up the top half of the page followed by the main copy underneath, taking up the second half. This unconventional layout will serve well to attract the reader as it is somewhat reminiscent of an article. As the reader the scans the page the first thing that will catch their attention is a large image of a young woman holding her head in her hands. The woman has a look of deep despair covering her face. This creates sympathy within the reader, reminding the reader of all the times they themselves have suffered from a headache, reinforcing the need to buy the product. The use of a young woman gives the reader the impression that headaches are not just a problem for the geriatrics but also for the younger generation, this serves well in broadening the target market of the product and creates more marketing opportunities for the product. This ambiguity in regards to the target market seems to be a constant ploy used by advertisers and is present in both the other advertisements analysed. Studies suggest that the readers' eye will next be drawn to the title, which in this advert is, 'GET AHEAD OF PAIN', the use of bold font and capitals ensures that this is the case. ...read more.


As the reader comes to the end of the advertisement, they will notice the price '�4.99', and where to purchase the product, 'Available from larger Boot's stores.' placed logistically in the bottom right hand corner of the page, at the turn of page point, so that it is seen and remembered as the page is turned, this is a technique similar to the one used in the 'Rimmel' advert where the company logo was placed in the same position. In conclusion, I think that the Rimmel 'Exaggerate Hydra Colour' lipstick is the most successful advertisement of the three, as it uses effective strategies to appeal to the target audience. The use of violent wording and short, sharp sentences add to the impact of the advertisement. The graffiti and aggressive language appeal to the rebellious, 'non-conformist' attitudes of teenagers today, who want to be seen as tough and streetwise by their peers. The shade of lipstick is a dark, bold plum, which, as well as being 'the colour of the moment', is dark and vivid, making it catch the reader's eye. The fact that the model advertising the product looks beautiful and confident makes teenage girls subconsciously think that if they buy the lipstick, they will posses the same qualities. The advertisers responded to teenage girls' insecurities (about their looks, confidence, and the impression they give to others), and produced an advertisement, like the '4head stick', that implies the product can solve these problems. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE English Sohail Shah ...read more.

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