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Analyse the characters of Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar, The relationship between the two men and their relationship with others

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Analyse the characters of Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar, The relationship between the two men and their relationship with others The relationship between Jack twist and Ennis del mar is a very confusing and hard for both of them. At the start of the film Ennis talks about something he seen as a boy. He talks of a gay couple who one day they were found beaten to death. Ennis says: "My dad, he made sure me and my brother saw it. For all I know, he did it." This sets the attitude for the rest of the film that gay couples are wrong and are rejected from society. For Ennis to tell Jack this means he must trust jack a lot and possibly hinting at what could happen if they ever got together. The film starts of the two men not talking a lot just getting on with what they have to do and then goes to the two talking more and more each one agrees that there not gay but you know they are just in denial or confused. In one scene where Ennis is washing in the river Jack is in view at the front of the camera you know jack wants to look but doesn't actually look probably because he is still confused or is unsure how jack feels. ...read more.


Some years pass. Both men get married to try and be normal their relationships with their wife's are good but false during the wedding the camera faced Ennis face and you could see him staring into space the look said it all he is gay and misses Jack. At the time of their first reunion, Jack and Ennis kiss furiously and in full view of Ennis' wife. This kiss signifies the sheer uncontrollability of their emotions and attraction. Ennis wife doesn't say anything about the kiss but finds it all too hard to deal with. Jack goes round to Ennis every month for so called "Fishing Trips" but uses that as an excuse to be with Ennis their relationship is unbreakable not even the marriage effected their feelings Jack even says he has waited 4 years to see Ennis again. The pressure of being married, kids and miles away takes its toll on both and makes the relationship difficult. After getting divorced to his wife Ennis still is tied down to his kids and goes to meet Jack with his daughter they speak for couple of minutes and then they go away. ...read more.


The angles mainly used are long shots because of the stunning scenery and vast fields with sheep in. The snowy mountains in the distant helps you escape and feel drawn into their world you focus on the two main characters which makes the audience understand and follow their growing relationship. The language used is sometimes hard to understand due to their accent but throughout the film they don't really speak as much as you expect. The plot progresses at good speed and fits it all in perfectly. You see their relationship developing over many years in the space of two hours. It is moved on by showing night and day especially in the early scenes where they are drinking and talking round the camp fire the scene fades out and into the morning. The later scenes jump ahead a few years such as showing the wedding and then showing the baby's. It shows Ennis daughter when she's 19 and ready to get married. This works well because you feel like you have not missed anything out although it has jumped a few years you can expect Jack and Ennis relationship to be the same. Throughout the film the characters are worried about being found out as they know what the punishment is. Chris Mckellar ...read more.

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