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Analyse the dramatic function of The Inspector in 'An Inspector Calls'. How successful is his investigation.

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Analyse the dramatic function of The Inspector in 'An Inspector Calls'. How successful is his investigation. AntonyCapewell Candidate no. 9034 Centre no. 20209 The tile of the play is 'An Inspector Calls' and the name of the playwright is J.B. Priestley. It was written in 1945 and set in 1912. There is very snobby family called the Birling's and father wants to get knight hood. Someone dies and an inspector comes to investigate and some of the family take responsibility and some don't. Then they find out that it's not true and Mr Birling is happy because he can get his knighthood. I intend to analyse the dramatic function of the inspector in 'An Inspector Calls' and consider how successful his investigation is. The title of the play itself is mysterious and therefore would have an immediate impact on the audience. 'An' has got a lot of mystery because it is indefinite article .The word 'Inspector' is mysterious because what kind of inspector is he and what is he inspecting and the audience would not know what it is. The word 'calls' is very ambiguous because calls could mean several different things like a phone call, shouting and calling at a house. ...read more.


'This girl killed herself - and Died a horrible death' 'Remember that never forget it' The inspector has three important dramatic functions firstly he act as storyteller by linking the incidents together to form a story of Eva's life. Secondly he like father someone that they confess figure forcing people to confess to their involvement and thirdly he his voice of social conscience and pointing out there social responsibility. Priestley is trying to convey his view that everyone is equal and all have responsibilities to accept. Birling thinks that everyone is for there-selves, but the inspector thinks you should all look out for everyone in your community. This is Mr Birlings quote to show his opinion "A man has to make His own way in this world" This is quote to show the inspectors opinion "We don't live alone We are members of one Body. We are responsible for each other" Dramatic irony is when the audience knows something that the character dose not. Three example of dramatic irony are firstly, mr Birling said "the titanic is unsinkable" but it sank in 1912. Secondly, he said "world war one would not happen" but it did in 1918, and thirdly there was not just one world war there was two and world war two started in 1914 and ended in 1918. ...read more.


Eva smith fell in love with Gerald but there relationship finishes at the end of the last summer. I think that the inspector was half suggsesfull in his investigation because he got Gerald to show remorse although he did not get Gerald to accept full responsibility for his actions, the inspector got Eric and shela the fell guilty for there action Eva when they fund out that the so called 'inspector' was not a real inspector and that there was a real suicide which involved a girl that drunk disinfectant cleaning. Although I think that the inspector felled his investigation when it comes to mr and Mrs Birling because he did not get them to take responsibility for there action and did not make them feel guilty. I feel that mr Birling is to blame for Eva's death because he sacked Eva and started the chain of events. I think that priestly successfully put across his message to the audience because he shows the people that own up to there responsibility are the nice one and the one that are not nice are the blame shifters, they shift the blame on to others. In my opinion, I think that priestly delivered his message clearly otherwise, we would not be living in the same world as we do today. ...read more.

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