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"Analyse the dramatic importance of the end of Act one of ' A View from the Bridge' (from the page 35 (lights rise in the apartment) to the end of Act One.

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"Analyse the dramatic importance of the end of Act one of ' A View from the Bridge' (from the page 35 (lights rise in the apartment) to the end of Act One. A View from the Bridge is a play about one man's struggle to come to terms with the changed circumstances in his life. These changes include the illegal arrival of his wife's younger cousin Rodolfo, the incapability of the law to deliver justice where he feels it's needed and his wife's outspoken growing contempt of him. The central themes of the play explore conventional views about acceptable love, honour, masculinity and what I feel the most important and main one family relationships. To compose my essay, I intend to focus on the dramatic importance of the play. I will focusing on will be at the end of 'Act one' when lights rise in the apartment. The characters in the scene at the end of 'Act one' are Eddie, Marco, Rodolfo, Catherine and Beatrice. The scene opens with Marco talking about his life in Sicily and how different it is to life in New York. The scene begins happily with all the family together. We can compare this with when Marco and Rodolfo first arrived but the only difference then was Eddie was contributing positively. However, in this scene Eddie shows his true colours and does not behaves very awkwardly towards Roldolfo. ...read more.


You can tell when Beatrice say's to Eddie "that's enough". She says this when Eddie is boxing with Rodolfo and when Eddie is starting to really hurt Rodolfo. The scene is set in the living room and the significance of the setting is very important as it is set in the living room of Eddie's apartment. It is important as the setting tells us that the scene is going to be with all the family as a living room symbolises family. This suggests to us something will happen in the scene, as all he family are together mainly Rodolfo and Eddie, as Eddie at the point has bitterness towards Rodolfo. We are told in the stage directions that the scene is set in the apartment. " Lights rise on the apartment." The setting of where the scene is set is very important as Marco beat's Eddie in Eddie's own living room by doing it quietly and making it very clear by giving him that warning, if Marco can beat Eddie in his own living room, what can he do at another venue? The end of Act One is very important and dramatic. It gives the reader a hint that the next act is going to be very dramatic and interesting. Many stage directions show us that Miller is trying to create dramatic tension at the end of Act One. ...read more.


I think 'Love' is one of the main themes, as I believe love could drive a person to do anything. As Eddie's love towards Catherine may make him do something not usual to Eddie's character. It is important to understand the social and historical context of the play. Both Marco and Rodolfo are immigrants, in this scene this is touched upon when Marco and Rodolfo are telling the rest of the family why they came to Brooklyn and what they did in Sicily. The role of men and women in this scene can be linked to the traditional sexes at the tine this play was set. The male characters run the play as Marco and Eddie are the main tension at the end of Act One. All the elements I have discuss above make this scene dramatically powerful and tense. I think, ' A View from the Bridge' was a terrific play. The reason for this is because I feel it is very different to the books ad plays I normally read. One of the main parts I really enjoyed was at the end of Act One, the scene that I wrote about in this essay. What I enjoyed about the end of Act One was the way Miller made it a turning point of the play by making Marco give Eddie that warning. It caused much tension between the characters and indicated to the audience that the next Act would be even better and contain violence between Marco and Eddie. Hasan Manzoor 11L ...read more.

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