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Analyse the significance of Act 3 scene 1 within the play as a whole and evaluate the success of the various interpretations that you have seen.

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Analyse the significance of Act 3 scene 1 within the play as a whole and evaluate the success of the various interpretations that you have seen. I am going to analyse the significance of Act 3 scene 1 within the play as a whole and I am going to evaluate the success of the various interpretations that I have seen. I am going to do this by analyzing different areas of Shakespeare's and other interpretations of 'Romeo and Juliet'. Act 3 Scene 1 is a crucial scene in the play. It is a turning point for the play, as after what happens in the scene nothing can return to how it was. Before Act 3 Scene 1, Romeo and Juliet got married. But nobody, except Friar Lawrence knows of this. Tybalt has sent a challenge to Romeo for them to fight, but Romeo has not received this challenge yet. Here are the main events in Act 3 Scene 1. The Capulet's arrive in Verona where Mercutio and Benvolio are. When Romeo arrives at the scene Tybalt and Romeo start to fight, Mercutio also gets involved. Tybalt then stabs Mercutio under Romeo's arm. Tybalt then flees away from the scene. Romeo is furious with Tybalt because he has just killed his best friend. Romeo goes to find Tybalt, when he does they fight. Romeo then kills Tybalt After Act 3 Scene 1, Juliet is devastated when she finds out that Tybalt is dead and Romeo is banished. ...read more.


Shakespeare's original audience would be able to easily relate to the themes. They will also have more of an understanding with the language. The Luhrmann interpretation, which is the modern version, was produced in 1997. The Zeffirelli interpretation is set in medieval times in Verona. The Luhrmann interpretation is in modern times set on Verona beach in the States. There is a storm on the beach, which adds tension to the play; this makes the play more serious. In the Zeffirelli interpretation there are not as many features that add tension to the play. For example, after Mercutio's death there is music played which adds tension but I think the thing that works the best is when Romeo, his feelings in turmoil shouts, "This day's black fate on moe days doth depend, /This but begins the woe others must end." The fact that it has a rhyme scheme adds importance to it, as it draws attention to the words. But the thing that works best is the way Romeo says it, his face expression adds feeling to the play. He really makes emotions run high and makes the audience sympathize with him. This is also a theme in the play. I think Romeo is saying that more bad things are going to happen as a result of this fight. The fact that what Romeo says has a rhyme scheme adds importance to it because it draws the audience's attention to what he is saying; especially the words 'depend' and 'end'. ...read more.


Romeo refuses to do this. Although Mercutio is proud that Romeo stuck by what he wanted to do not what Tybalt wanted him to do, Mercutio's pride got in the way, his sense of dignity and respect, not just for himself but the Montague house too makes him feel that he has to fight Tybalt. I think he feels that if he does not fight he will loose his dignity and self-respect, I also think he's afraid that people will think of him as being less of a man because he did not fight. There are also many themes in the play to do with love, hate, fate and destiny. This has a big part in the play. As when Shakespeare wrote 'Romeo and Juliet', the themes would have been popular with the audience and the audience would be able to relate to some of them. Baz Luhrmann and Franco Zeffirelli have created the two interpretations of 'Romeo and Juliet'. These interpretations are based around Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. But they would have had to create the stage directions, as Shakespeare did not include many of these in his script. Both interpretations were successful but because of the time they were produced in one may be more popular than the other. For example, nowadays the Luhrmann interpretation is more popular as we understand the language. However the Zeffirelli interpretation wouldn't be seen as much now as the language is quite difficult to understand, as it was not produced in our time. Romeo and Juliet GCSE Coursework By Melanie Georgiou ...read more.

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