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Analyse the techniques used in the trailer for Baz Lurhmann's film "Romeo and Juliet". Evaluate the success of the trailer and explain why you think it is effective in persuading viewers to see the film.

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Analyse the techniques used in the trailer for Baz Lurhmann's film "Romeo and Juliet". Evaluate the success of the trailer and explain why you think it is effective in persuading viewers to see the film. Marketing a film involves getting the public to be aware of its existence. This is a very expensive process often costing millions. However, marketing is essential as there are so many films being made. It is vital to make a film stand out from the rest and alert the public to its production. There are many ways to market a film; trailers on T.V. and at the cinema, posters and billboards, interviews with the actors and director on T.V. and in magazines, free merchandise, documentaries, reviews in magazines and newspapers and competitions to see previews. What type of advertising to use depends on a variety of factors including budgets, target audience and other such factors. However, the target audience is the one of the most important factors. For example, if the movie is for children, having adverts on and free toys in cereal boxes like Coco-pops as well as at fast food restaurants like MacDonald's is a good idea. Showing the trailers at other children's movies is also a good idea. If the movie is targeted at teenagers, then having adverts in popular teen magazines, having interviews with the stars of the movie on T.V., particularly if the actors are currently popular, and cinema trailers are likely to work. Generally, it is also a good idea to show trailers of movies before movies of the same rating because the audiences will be similar i.e. ...read more.


The song makes the viewers empathise with the characters, as it is full of passion and built-in desire, just as Romeo and Juliet are for each other. This part of the trailer is aimed at women because, stereotypically, women prefer romance to fights. The song, however, also has a tinge of sadness and is very melancholy. This suggests to us that everything is not perfect in their love story. On the other hand, when the fast music is playing (nondiegetic sound), the scenes too are very quick and are mostly about gunfights, violence, fast cars, passion and more gunfights. These include scenes like Mercutio's death, Tybalt's death, scenes of Romeo and Juliet kissing, fights between the Montagues and Capulets, scenes from the Capulet party. The music complements these scenes perfectly because they are scenes of anger and passion and violence. Therefore the music is parallel as well nondiegetic. This part of the trailer is aimed at men because, stereotypically, men prefer fights and fast cars to romance. Both the examples above were nondiegetic sound. There are many diegetic sounds in the trailer too. The sounds of police sirens and the helicopter flying when Romeo is being hunted by the police, the sound of Tybalt's car smashing when he dies, the sound of gunfights and many more. These sounds are parallel as well as diegetic. They are important because they show us how the characters react to the sounds in their world. They also tell us what a fast-paced, harsh, modern world they live in, the world that we the viewers live in too. This is another way of making the audience empathise with the characters. ...read more.


The text fades away. In the romantic scenes, he uses straight cuts to make one scene flow smoothly to the next creating an image of peace and simplicity. He used a fade effect again when there was a black frame saying, "William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet". After a few seconds "William Shakespeare" faded away. I think this is significant because it shows that the story is so powerful that it doesn't matter who wrote or when it was written. And lastly, he used an editing technique known as pathetic fallacy. This is when the director uses the weather to reflect the character's emotions. He used this in the scene after Romeo kills Tybalt. It suddenly starts raining very heavily and this shows us how Romeo is feeling; totally lost, helpless and awaiting doom. In conclusion, I think that the trailer of "Romeo and Juliet" is extremely effective in convincing viewers to see the film. After analysing the trailer in detail, I can say that it covers all the genres that the film is i.e. romance, action, comedy, drama and Shakespeare. The trailer has an element of each of these. The trailer also appeals to both genders and various ages. There are parts of the trailer aimed specifically at men or women or people of a certain age. Baz Lurhmann used a variety of techniques to create the right effect for the trailer and it is very successful. However, in my opinion, the trailer was a bit short. I think that if it had been a little bit longer it would have been more effective. Nevertheless, it is still very good and it persuades the viewers to actually see the film. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aarohi Shah 10F Media coursework 30/12/04 ...read more.

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