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Analyse the way Doyle presents his story in terms of natural order and moral justice. When Doyle was writing the book "The Hound of the Baskervilles", gothic tradition was very popular

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Analyse the way Doyle presents his story in terms of natural order and moral justice. When Doyle was writing the book "The Hound of the Baskervilles", gothic tradition was very popular at that time, where there is often an ancient curse, for example in this book it will be the hound of the hell which leads to the mystery of dead of sir Charles Baskervilles and there is always a sense of moral justice at the end. In the book "The Hound of the Baskervilles", Hugo Baskerville is described as "a most wild, Profane and Godless man", all these characteristics persuade the reader to think that he was a very evil man. Furthermore, Hugo placed the maid in the "upper chamber" as he loved her and wanted to keep her with him. This shows that he was a heartless man as he doesn't care about the maid who will be very lonely and poor in the chamber, also, Hugo loves alcohol and if he was in wine he go mad and crazy. After Hugo knew that the maid have escaped he became a devil he said that he is going to do anything in order to "over take the wench" and this reminds us that how heartless and evil Hugo was as the maid would rather risk her life than stay with Hugo Baskerville. ...read more.


Grimpen Mire is presented as a place which is very unnatural as Stapleton described that if "a false step into the Grimpen Mire meant death to man or beast", this made it seem to be a very evil and sinister place as it killed every thing that get in. This made the Mire seemed very unnatural as it is not possible for a mire to kill. Deaths are situated in a natural setting which is the moor, while for Henry and Watson the moor was unnatural and this makes a contrast. When Dr Watson met Mr and Miss Stapleton, Doyle described Miss Stapleton behaving in a very unnatural way, when she saw Watson she asked Watson "go straight back to London" and "get away from this place at all cost", she gave this warning behind her brother, it was because she don't want her brother to hear this conversation "Hush, my brother is coming" this is very unnatural as Watson was a stranger and Miss Stapleton had never met Watson before, although the thing that Miss Stapleton said to Dr Watson was meant to be said to Henry but it is still very unnatural as Henry was a stranger as well so the reason for her to say this may because she knew that something horrible may going to happen on Henry and she wants to protect Henry from it or there is something sinister happening and she doesn't want to anybody to discovered anything and these persuade the reader to think that the moor was not safe. ...read more.


out" on her face,, this conveys the idea that she may do something to Sir Charles Baskervilles and she don't want anybody to know about it. Also it was unnatural for her to write a letter to Sir Charles Baskervilles but asking him to "burn" the letter after he read it which is quite suspicious, and she was described that she did Sir Charles an "injustice". Furthermore,Doyle suggests to the reader that Laura Lyons is important in the story as she was involved in the death of Sir Charles Baskervilles although she doesn't know that helping Mr Stapleton to send the letter will cause to Sir Charles Baskervilles death. It is natural for her to help Mr Stapleton as she loves him and Mr Stapleton has promised to marry her however, he betrayed her. Doyle creates a very powerful contrast between Stapleton occupation and the reality of his actual behaviour. Also, if she didn't tell Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson about Stapleton asking her to write a letter to Sir Charles, Holmes can't unmask the Stapleton as the villain that quick and Doyle conveys the idea that it was a moral duty that Laura Lyons was doing. So in conclusion, Doyle started his story with unnatural events, and using term of natural and unnatural order to make his story much more interesting, at the end justice prevails and the mystery is resolved ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Cecilia Leung 11S ...read more.

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