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Analyse the ways In which Christophers Father relates to Christopher in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time". How far do you think Ed Boone is a good father?

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Amit Wangoo 19/01/2012 2.2 Analyse the ways In which Christopher?s Father relates to Christopher in the novel. How far do you think Ed Boone is a good father? Christopher Boone is a boy with Asperger?s syndrome. This disability makes Christopher a very unique boy because he is amazingly good at maths but he hates certain colours, doesn?t like people touching him and he doesn?t understand emotions. Christopher lives with his Father and causes his father a lot of stress. Christopher?s mother left him and his Father for another man, but despite this they have a strong bond. Father understands Christopher and accepts his disability. However, Father can sometimes lose control with Christopher and get very angry. On one hand, Christopher and Father have a very strong bond and they love each other. Father has created the five finger touch which is a way he can communicate with Christopher to tell him that he loves him. We see this in the quotation ?he held up his right hand and spread his fingers out in a fan. I held up my left hand and spread my fingers out in a fan and we made our fingers and thumps touch each other.? Here we see that Father understands Christopher and knows he doesn?t understand emotions. ...read more.


Next, Father says he doesn?t care how long it takes, which suggests he is willing to wait and work with Christopher, so they can build up their friendship. Also, while saying this, Father pauses and then carries on speaking. This pause shows that Father is picking his words carefully so that Christopher understands what he is saying. However many mistakes Father has made, it all shows that Father doesn?t want to lose Christopher and that he loves him a lot. On the other hand, Father can lose his temper and sometimes his anger can spill out and affect Christopher. In this quotation Father got really angry with Christopher. He hits him because he finds out Christopher has been investigating the murder of Wellington, the dog. We see this when he says ?But Father didn?t let go, and he was shouting. And I hit him again. And then I didn?t know what I was doing any more.? Although, it doesn?t say it, we can gather from this quotation that Father knocked Christopher out. Father?s actions show that he was furious with Christopher and even though Father is a level headed person, it seems even he can lose his temper with Christopher. ...read more.


He can be a danger to Christopher, but not only that but he has completely lost Christopher?s trust. Christopher thinks that if Father can kill Wellington he can kill him, so he runs away. Father has shown how reckless he can be and how he is affecting Christopher. Father proves how bad lying is and what it can do to Christopher and their relationship. In conclusion, I think that Ed Boone, to a certain extent is a great father to Christopher. Father?s violence, swearing and bad behaviour is mainly due to Mother leaving him and Christopher. Mother was Father?s support and back bone. So, when she left, Father lost everything and had to care for Christopher himself. This is when, I think, Father started to drink, use bad language and violence. It is a shame that Christopher hates Father for lying about his Mother because if she hadn?t left, none of this would have happened. He wouldn?t have had to lie so many times and they all might still be one happy family. Father relates to Christopher in a way that Mother can?t and their bond is really strong. Father understands Christopher?s physical needs and respects them. We can tell he loved Christopher because of the way he likes to enjoy time with him. Therefore, Father has proven himself to be a great Father to Christopher. ...read more.

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