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Analysing A Scene from the play ‘A View from the Bridge’ Showing the Play Writes Skills as A Dramatist

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Analysing A Scene from the play 'A View from the Bridge' Showing the P Play Writes Skills as A Dramatist The paly which I analysis is by Arthur miller called "a view from the bridge". In this play I analysed a scene which is the chair incident. In this essay I will be writing about what lead up to the chair incident. I will be also analysing the skill that Arthur Miller uses and write down its function. This play is set in America in 1960s. This play is about the Carbone family who brings two brothers who are Italian immigrants. There are six main characters, Eddie who is married to Beatrice, Catherine who is Eddies nice. The layer is Alfiera. The two immigrants are Marco and Rodolfo. At this time Italy was very poor and it was illegal for immigrants to come in America. Eddie helps his Italian cousins Marco and Rodolfo by smuggling them to America so they can provide for their family. When they by a ship they get jobs as longshoremen. Marco has a wife and two children and Rodolfo is single. The events which led up to the chair incident is the boxing incident. This is where Eddie decides to teach Rodolfo boxing for self defence as he is to vulnerable. ...read more.


Also the audience now think he is weak and slow-witted for not realizing Marco plan. At this moment a lot of anxiety and tension is created. Marco then decides to lift the chair as it says in stage directions 'with strain slowly raise the chair higher'. This symbolises that Marco is giving out a warning to Eddie. Marco raised the chair 'higher' then Eddie which indicate Marcos status and authority over Eddie as the height of the chair suggests that Marco has more status then Eddie. There are many features of this scene that make this a climatic scene as in directors notes it says 'Marco is face to face with Eddie a strike of tension gripping his eyes and jaws' this is when Eddie finds out what Marco is happening to him. 'Eddie grin vanishes as he absorbs his look' this gives us the impression that Eddie feels apprehensive from the impact of the warning from Marco. This nail biting incident leaves the audience feeling perturbed as it makes them think of the various ways that Eddie can get his revenge and if he is going to do any think foolish. The chair incident gives us the impression that Marco is very protective over hi brother Rodolfo. This also suggests that Marco can get aggressive when he needs to. ...read more.


The stage directions help the reader get a different opinion on the characters, Another example of stage directions is '(he has bent the rolled newspaper and it suddenly tears in two)'. This notifies the person who is reading the play about Eddie's mood which is obnoxious as he brutally tears the newspaper. The effect of this is it express Eddies mood through his actions. Another skill that Arthur Miller uses is the structure of Act 1. The end of Act 1 finishes by Marco teaching Eddie a lesson for insulting and embarrassing Marco's brother. This is when Marco lifts the chair higher then Eddie which is a clear warning and a threat as the high of the chair represents Marcos status and power. The effect of this leaves the audience feeling excited and nervous as the audience want to find out what happens between the two characters Marco and Eddie who just become enemies. Arthur Miller uses characters action for effect. For example in the play it says Catherine 'rushing to Rodolfo' this implies that Catherine cares for Rodolfo and she is not egocentric. Another example of characters actions is when Beatrice pulls 'Eddie down in to the rocker' this gives the audience the impression that Beatrice is a caring person against Rodolfo's she stops Eddie from hurting Rodolfo. The purpose of using characters actions is it gives more information on the characters behaviour and emotions. By Abdul Jallal 11W ...read more.

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