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Analysing an Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly.

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English Literature - Coursework In the play, Miller includes a lot of characters with a lot of different views on justice and the law. Alfieri is a lawyer, and his opening speech forms the prologue in which he says that he and most other lawyers are thought of 'only in connection with disasters' in his society; he also believes that everyone is 'suspicious' of him as he walks down the street. He explains this by saying 'the law has not been a friendly idea since the Greeks were beaten' because he is from Sicily like Marco and Rodolpho. Alfieri has strong views on the law and justice as he believes that 'justice is important here' so he obviously believes in the job that he is doing. He talks about his society in both of the countries that he has been a citizen in. He is comparing the American society in which he lives now to Sicily when he says 'this is Red Hook, not Sicily ... now we are quite civilised, quite American' he appreciates the fact that America is more civilised and more modern than Sicily. He says 'now we settle for half and I like it better' and this is a general comment about the society in Red Hook and how they no longer just kill someone if they have done something wrong but the law is usually involved. ...read more.


Here saying Eddie is saying that he has a homosexual voice and how he sews '1-2-3 he makes a new dress ... you could kiss him he was so sweet' this brings out Eddies homosexual side because he said he could kiss him. Eddie has his strongest feeling of injustice when Rodolpho arrives. Eddie has been a father-figure to Catherine all her life and "gave her the food out of his mouth". He paid money so that she would meet a higher class of people and there are subtle hints that he is attracted to her as well. It is reasonable for him to feel jealous and malicious towards Rodolpho when he comes to America and decides he wants to marry Catherine. He feels betrayed by Catherine that she has suddenly run off and lives her own life now, this also could be attributed to his fear of Catherine growing up, and that she is not his little baby anymore. Because Eddie is constantly in pursuit of justice for Rodolpho, he is blind to the injustice he is causing to others, like his wife Beatrice, he is not treating he as a loving husband should. She considers their sexual relationship to be virtually non-existent and she wants to know 'when am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?' ...read more.


This is the climax of the play and has terrible consequences for both of the characters as there search for justice ends simultaneously, because Eddie is dead so can no longer have justice and Marco has killed Eddie so has carried out his own justice. In Alfieri's epilogue he again raises the fact that' most of the time now we settle for half' but this is not something which Marco was willing to do, he wanted justice and there was nothing that was going to stop him. Conclusively, miller communicates strong themes of law and justice in the play. Each character has their own views on what is right and what is wrong. The differences between the Sicilian society and the American society also play a large part. This is shown when Marco says that Eddie 'would be dead by now' if he was in Italy because he had snitched on the two brothers. This is probably why Marco wanted to deliver his own justice because that's what he would do in his own country. Also Eddie hadn't actually done anything wrong in the eyes of the law, in fact it was commendable by the law because he reported illegal immigrants, and it was the fact that he betrayed relatives that needed justifying. William Eardley 11.2 ...read more.

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