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Analysing Book Club.

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Book Club The show opens with a blissful jazz ballad and with the curtains opening onto the stage and the camera panning onto the live studio audience. Next the host Mandar Nigdikar walks out onto the stage and takes a bow in his suit before sitting into his chair. "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first airing of "book club". As you know there has been a boom in the small story side of writing as of late and the two that seem to be selling in the greatest numbers are "Seeing A Beauty Queen Home" by Bill Naughton written in 1959 and "Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver" by Thomas Hardy written in 1894. Tonight we will discuss the similarities and differences of these two short stories. So now to introduce my first guest, the resident expert on the female mind and also a well published author Mr. Robert Pickles." Robert enters the stage wearing PVC flares and a sports jacket with an unusually large collar. He says hello to the audience before sitting down. Mandar begins to speak again "Now my other guest tonight is Psychologist Tom McKernan. Tom enters the stage where trainers, jeans a "CK" T-shirt. ...read more.


I mean Maggie's Nan who lets her stay with her on weekends and dear old creature..." Robert is cut off mid flow by Tom who says, "For such a well known celebrity I think you're looking at this completely wrong. Actually thinking of it I'm not particularly surprised. Neither of the characters are meaning to disrespect the women in the respective stories. Tony Kytes doesn't mean to hurt the women, he just doesn't know what he wants and Rudy just has a lot of self-confidence and he knows his strengths. At no point in the story are we told that the women going to Rudy do it out of pity, indeed the story says that the women go to him as they all want to dance with him a quote to suggest my point is true would be this, 'every stumer in the place wanted to have a dance with 'Rudy' - as they called me' ". Robert interrupts Tom here and says "Ah but you forget my friend that story is being told by Rudy himself unlike the Thomas Hardy story, thus everyone telling a story about themselves so really they could have gone out of pity". ...read more.


Also these women were willing and not forced to do any of this: the women were willing to hide in the wagon for Tony and Maggie was willing for Rudy to go into her house." " Are their any differences in these stories?" to this question from the host Robert answers. "Well other then the settings of the stories the biggest differences are the way the story is being told Tony Kytes is being told by a third party and Rudy's is being told by himself. Also the two men, thinking about it Tony was very simple and was very fickle. He didn't mean any malice by what he was doing he was just indecisive. He spoke very simply which showed the reader an insight into his mind. Rudy on the other hand spoke very cocky to the ladies. He thought very highly of himself. And was looking for Maggie to make his night worth his mile because in his mind he didn't just come for some cocoa" Mandar jumps in here and says "Well I'm afraid that's all we have time for so god bless and good night". The curtain closes and the credits roll. ...read more.

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