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Analysing Brother in the land

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Character analysis Firstly, Danny as a character is very na�ve and confused. 'Are you some kind of warden or something; can you tell me what's happening?' This quotation suggests that he is wondering what's going on. Swindells have used '?' to emphasize this point. Moreover, it shows Danny is denying the reality and wanting to receive the answer to the question desperately. This point shows where there is a semi colon in the middle of sentence. That punctuation suggests that he is very confused and nervous about his new situation set up front of him. ...read more.


'Other people are shadows that pass you by or enemies after your stuff.' This quotation states that he is suspecting others and believing in himself that there is no one to trust. Swindells have used a word 'shadow' which co notates with 'black', 'evil' 'sinister'. Additionally, by using this quotation; Swindells gives the reader a feeling of that Danny is staring at villagers in evil eyes. This is displayed where there were only two options. Danny as a character believes only in two options where it suggests that the situation is not in free style. ...read more.


'I started to dig with my bare hands; pulling out bricks and throwing them aside.' This quotation conveys that he is desperate to search for something. This is explained by Swindell where he used a sentence 'Dig with my bare hands' the word bare suggests that he is in a desperate situation. When you dig something you would wear gloves on your hands however dig with my bare hand explains he do not care about his hands getting dirty but concentrating on what he is trying to find. Moreover, Swindells have used the word 'throwing' this tells the reader how atrocious the situation was like for Danny which suggests that Danny as a character is apprehensive and desperate ...read more.

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