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Analysing what Priestley’s main aim is and has he achieved it in An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls I am going to be analysing what Priestley's main aim is and has he achieved it. I will be looking at the characters and how they link up with Priestley's aim and why. The main themes of the play and the Inspector's last speech and exit will also be discussed. The Inspector's role in the play is a very important one. There are several reasons, the first being he opens up the characters personalities with his questioning. The inspector leads the characters to confront their own weaknesses, which makes them feel shocked and guilty. Also he is supposed to be the good character in the play (the person the audience take sides with). He is the catalyst for the evening's events. The Inspector performs a very important speech that covers all the main themes of the play and allows Priestly to get his message across. ...read more.


This way Priestley's aim would come across in a good way. The Inspector's speech would have provoked much discussion amongst the audience because of the powerful language used and because he left the scene directly after speaking. The audience may discuss between themselves whether or not they agree with the Inspectors speech. If they already do they probably feel quite pleased with themselves and if not they might feel guilty and ashamed. This left the Birlings subdued and wondering exactly what the Inspector's speech really meant. One of the other themes of the play is wealth, unequal power between the classes this is shown in Mr. and Mrs. Birlings actions. Mrs. Birling shows this very clearly in Act two page 46: "whatever it was, I know it made me finally loose all patience with her. ...read more.


Throughout the play I have learnt a lot about the Birlings, their good qualities and their weaknesses. I think Priestley's message of the play (his aim) was to explain to us that if we are like the Birling's then we need to change, and be more considerate and caring towards others, "We are members of one body, we are responsible for each other" This is the sentence taken from the inspector's last speech and I think that it sums up exactly what Priestley was trying to get across. Priestley may have experienced difficulties during wartime; this may have led him to believe that in order to live in a peaceful world man must consider his responsibility to fellow men. I think that this play would have made an impact on its audience; the message was very poignant considering the country had just suffered a Second World War. ?? ?? ?? ?? Niall Rafferty 11BN ...read more.

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