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Analysis of a charity leaflet for Water Aid

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Natalie Carless Water Aid This leaflet has been written to raise awareness of the little water supply that is available in Africa, it is also to give you information on the situation at hand, and persuade you to donate to this chosen charity. The main headings are large, bold and in the form of rhetorical questions; this draws the reader in and attracts you to this appeal by putting you on the spot, and instantly thinking about the point the leaflet has made. "Can you honestly think of a way that just �2 a month could do more good, for good?" is blue in colour to relate to the "Water Aid Charity" and, using the word 'you' shows direct address to the reader making them feel involved, and as though only they, can make the difference. By underlining certain words in the headings this tells us that they are important and also to emphasis the words meaning, as well as this, emphasis can be brought across through repetition, for example the way they have repeated 'good' to show the positive side of joining this charity, allow this word to stick in your mind, every time you hear about this charity. ...read more.


This allows you to understand the necessity of drinking clean safe water, and so you are more inclined to help. The anecdotal information in this leaflet is set to out, by styling it as a letter, they can go through all the important points (the problems, the solution, how the reader is involved and personalising it to the reader) They start the leaflet off with ''Dear Friend'' this welcomes the reader by giving a positive attitude and starting off friendly it makes you want to read on, inviting you to help out with their charity and hopefully you will want to donate. By starting it off this way, it makes them feel as though they are the only person to make the difference in Africa, and as though they are a major part of making this charity a success. Throughout the letter, they always address the reader as ''you'' this is very personal, and they also come to the same level as the reader, making the reader interested, and a part of the whole idea. By using this language style they can connect to the reader on a one-on-one situation, therefore the reader is more comfortable and it's easier to read in this style, rather than being put under pressure by the charity. ...read more.


The picture that shows a woman using a Water Aid water pump has a very big smile on her face, this tells us that Water Aid have done this, making her very happy, and when the reader/donator sees this they can feel very good and happy about the donations they have made, because they can see that it actually has made a difference. Short sentences in this letter are used for impact, and to get straight to the point. "Please help now." This tells us what they want straight away, with no unnecessary added detail, it's straight to the point and the reader knows instantly the idea of the sentence. The longer sentences are the used to describe the situation in more detail, giving extra information to the reader, so they can see the full picture. The longer sentences also build up an atmosphere in the text, so that way they can persuade the reader to feel a certain way, making the more likely to donate. This leaflet is very effective because it uses all the important features, which are needed to create a very good, persuasive letter. The simple and relevant colours make the text easier to read, the sub-heading break up the letter nicely making it flow easier, and finally the emotive language used is just right to create the perfect tone for a persuasive leaflet. ...read more.

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